[LIFE] Pregnancy Update #2

Pregnancy Update #2 | Hola Darla
I'm so bad at documenting my pregnancy.

You see those bloggers who look like they have their stuff together, staying pretty while pregnant, taking weekly bump photos, updating their blogs with pregnancy stuff? I'm not one of them. I keep reminding myself to take bump photos, but I guess I'm just too lazy to do that, ha!

So here I am, writing a post titled "Pregnancy Update #2" at 37 weeks & 5 days. It's been 15 weeks since my first update haha!

There have been a lot of changes, of course. The baby already drops, so I'm breathing way more easily now. My due date is still around early June, around 4-5. It's Ramadan now & I'm allowed to fast. It's the third day now & I'm feeling fine. Oh and also, the baby is a girl! She finally showed it at my 32 weeks appointment. Before that, my husband and I were quite sure that we were having a boy based on all the tell-tales we had heard. But I'm so pumped to have a baby girl. Can't wait to wear matching outfits with her ;)

Seeing that my due date is only about 2 weeks away, I guess this will be the last pregancy update from me. I'll probably be back with the birth announcement in the next post! xx

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