Pregnancy Update #1

31 Jan 2018

Pregnancy Update #1 | Hola Darla
As it turns out, pregnancy changes me as well. Before getting pregnant, I always wondered why people made such a fuss about knowing the baby's sex before it was born. Just wait for it! I thought. Now that I'm 22 weeks along, I'm really dying to know whether I'm having a boy or a girl. I read an article somewhere that the sex of the baby can be seen at as soon as 16 weeks, so last month when I was about 19 weeks along we had another ultrasound scan to check, but nope. The baby wouldn’t show it. It meant we had to wait for another month to schedule another scan, which we will be having this Friday. I’m praying to god that this time the baby won’t hide it because I’m. Just. Dying. To. Know. C’mon, Baby!

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Word for 2018: L E A R N

4 Jan 2018

Word for 2018: LEARN | Hola Darla

Once again: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm back again in my own house, sleeping in my own bed, playing with my own cats (if you followed my Instagram stories throughout our trip, you might see that we met a bunch of cats during the vacation LOL!). Husband is back at work again. The trip already feels like a journey from a long time ago. That kind of feeling always hits me every early January, like all the celebration we did on NYE is from months ago. Does anyone feel the same?

So, anyway. I've found my word for this year:


This year will bring a lot of new things for me, so I've got a lot to learn. In about 5 months, I'm gonna be a mother and this is the very first time for me. I feel like this is one thing I can't afford to mess up. I'm going to nurture a human being! It sounds so scary but I'm also very excited. So that's my priority: to learn about parenting.

Besides parenting, I would also like to learn to be more organized, especially in housekeeping. Luckily, I found #DeclutterLikeAMother challenge. I was already a bit late when I signed up for it, but I'm willing to keep up.

Now, what about you? Is one word for the year a thing for you? I'd like to know what word you chose for 2018 :)

PS. We're having our next appointment with the OBGYN tomorrow to (hopefully) be able to see the sex of the baby!

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