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Hey, there. Did y'all miss me? Well I doubt that, but here I am! Back again to the blogging world!

So, this year's mudik journey wasn't as bad as the previous years'. We didn't get stuck in traffic jam. It was very smooth & we got to Lampung in less than 12 hours (this time we traveled from Bogor, not Bandung). Eid wasn't bad either. I got less question of "Have you got any child yet?" than last year hahah! It was a win because who doesn't dread those kinds of question, am I right?

Now I'm back to the normal life: morning reading, afternoon & night tutoring, cuddling with the cats, and all the likes. Last week we went to see Homecoming & although it wasn't The Amazing Spider-Man, it was an amazing Spider-Man movie (ha! :p) One review post coming up in a few days. Also, this month I won't do a Recent Reads post because I only finished one book! I can't say if it's good or bad, but at least it proved that I'm still able to give myself a break from that madness of my reading craze haha. I'll include that one book in next month's Recent Reads, along with the books I finish this month.

Alright, guys. I guess I'll see you around, then?

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