Thoughts on "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

22 Jul 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming art by Ryan Meinerding
When it was announced that Spider-Man would join the MCU, I was one of those people who got super excited. There had been too many memes circulating the internet about how poor Peter Parker didn't get to join the Avengers. When the news broke that Sony and Marvel were teaming up to create a new Spidey movie series as well as make Spidey join the Avengers, I was so happy and over the moon. But then the honeymoon phase was over and came the worries that this new Spider-Man man would not be as good as the first one (the one played by Tobey Maguire) or be as a mess as the second one (the one with Andrew Garfield). So I waited. Then, surprise! It was good!

Unlike the first two series, Spider-Man: Homecoming doesn't tell us in details how Peter got his powers. The film opens with Peter Parker on his way to Berlin to join Iron-Man's side on that Civil War climax scene and its aftermath, when Tony Starks tells him that he will keep in touch and assigns Happy as their middleman. But then days go by and Tony hasn't contacted Peter yet. His life goes on; school, hanging out with friends, and catching bad guys around his neighbourhood. He keeps trying to contact Tony but without success. One night he sees two men in the middle of a weapon trade. The weapon is high tech and obviously dangerous. He goes on to investigate them, even goes so far as following them onto a ferry ship, where everything goes wrong and he has to be saved by Iron-Man. Iron-Man tells him to stop investigating the weapon and causing harm to innocent people. He also takes the Spider-Man's suit. This leaves Peter devastated. He returns to his normal life and takes Liz (his crush) to the homecoming dance. But on the night of the dance he discovers the secret behind the man who invents the advanced weapons. It's a plot twist you wouldn't see coming and it's SO GOOD! (I won't tell you, obviously.)

Homecoming is another small-scale movie in the MCU, after Ant-Man. The story is very 'teenage-y' and no city destroyed, only small parts of it blown. It's refreshing to have one light movie in between all these kaboom-kaboom-cities-destroyed-innocent-people-are-killed movies. Is it better than the previous two series? Oh yes, absolutely! Like I said before, this movie is very teenager and the casts are suitable for playing high school students. The casts are also very diversed without putting any stereotype. I like that. We need that right now.

So if you haven't seen Homecoming yet, there's still a chance for you as it's still showing in your local cinemas. Go watch it!

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Back from Mudik, to the Ordinary Life

15 Jul 2017

Bronjong Way Lima Pesawaran Lampung | Hola Darla
Hey, there. Did y'all miss me? Well I doubt that, but here I am! Back again to the blogging world!

So, this year's mudik journey wasn't as bad as the previous years'. We didn't get stuck in traffic jam. It was very smooth & we got to Lampung in less than 12 hours (this time we traveled from Bogor, not Bandung). Eid wasn't bad either. I got less question of "Have you got any child yet?" than last year hahah! It was a win because who doesn't dread those kinds of question, am I right?

Now I'm back to the normal life: morning reading, afternoon & night tutoring, cuddling with the cats, and all the likes. Last week we went to see Homecoming & although it wasn't The Amazing Spider-Man, it was an amazing Spider-Man movie (ha! :p) One review post coming up in a few days. Also, this month I won't do a Recent Reads post because I only finished one book! I can't say if it's good or bad, but at least it proved that I'm still able to give myself a break from that madness of my reading craze haha. I'll include that one book in next month's Recent Reads, along with the books I finish this month.

Alright, guys. I guess I'll see you around, then?

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