German Cinema 2016

18 Oct 2016

German Cinema 2016 | Hola Darla
For the past couple of years, German Cinema has been one of our most anticipated annual festivals. We first found out about the festival in 2013 when we 'accidently' stumbled across it when we were buying tickets for a movie in Blitzmegaplex Paris Van Java. We completely missed the festival in 2014, but last year we managed to see 6 out of the 9 movies they screened. This year, German Cinema 2016 brought 9 more movies for us to watch, free of charge. I watched 6 of them and Afief watched 7.

Just like last year, the festival was also held for 3 days in Ciwalk XXI. The ticket box was opened about an hour before each film started. It gets more and more crowded each year. I think it might be good if they found another venue for next year; with bigger theater and more seats, perhaps?
German Cinema 2016 in Bandung | Hola Darla
Afief and Dara going to see German Cinema 2016 in Bandung | Hola Darla
The six movies I watched were:

But among them, my favourites are Victoria and Lenalove.
Victoria (2015) tells a story about a young Spanish woman who has just come to Berlin three months ago. She works a low paying job and barely speaks German. She meets a bunch of guys outside a club. They seem nice and one of them flirts heavily with her and she decides to hang out with them before she has to work the following morning. What starts as a fun early morning ends with  a gunfight and blood.
Lenalove is a story of broken friendship, bullying, social media, and how adults' problem affects their children. Lena and Nicole are neighbours and used to be BFFs. Now Nicole hangs out with Stella, a typical teenaged bully, and Lena finds a new friend, Noah, through her social media. Lena confides in Noah about a lot of personal things, not realising who Noah really is.

This festival kind of makes me wish there were more countries willing to create this kind of festival. There are a few film festivals currently being held by CGV, namely the Koreans and Japanese ones, but they are merely festivals held by CGV and not directly supported by the countries' government.

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Grand Opening ASUS Republic of Gamers Store di Bandung Electronic Center*

14 Oct 2016

Grand Opening ASUS Republic of Gamer Store di Bandung Electronic Center | Hola Darla
Walaupun sering ngaku geek, aku gak pernah bener-bener suka main game (kecuali The Sims. Because #thesimsislyfe). Game PC, game konsol, bahkan game di handphone sekalipun. Tapi hidupku emang gak pernah jauh-jauh dari game dan IT sih... Ayah sejak dulu adalah seorang IT enthusiast, sesuatu yang nurun ke adik yang sekarang tergila-gila sama Android dan game. Plus, suamiku juga kerja di perusahaan game developer, jadi ya udah gak asing lah yaa sama istilah ini-itu di dunia IT dan game. Kebetulan banget nih, Rabu minggu kemarin aku diundang oleh ASUS ke acara peresmian ASUS Republic of Gamers Store di Bandung Electronic Center. Ngapain aja? Berikut liputan ringkas & beberapa foto dari event tersebut ;)

Memilih Kebaya Wisuda yang Menawan*

11 Oct 2016

Memilih Kebaya Wisuda yang Menawan | Hola Darla
Buat anak kuliahan, wisuda adalah momen yang paling indah. Wisuda jadi semacam selebrasi terbebasnya kita dari TA atau skripsi(!!!). Wisuda adalah hari istimewa yang harus dilalui dengan istimewa juga, terutama dalam hal penampilan. Kalau para pria biasanya nampak gagah dengan stelan jasnya, para wanita biasanya memilih mengenakan kebaya. Untuk kita-kita para wanita nih, memakai kebaya yang anggun saat wisuda itu penting banget. Seiring berkembangnya jaman, kebaya makin macem-macem aja modelnya. Makanya, memilih model kebaya wisuda yang tepat harus dipertimbangkan dengan baik dan matang dari jauh-jauh hari sebelumnya. Kenapa? Tentunya supaya penampilan kita lebih menarik dan menawan di hari yang istimewa. Berikut ini beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam memilih model kebaya yang pas untuk wisuda, antara lain:

Indonesia Comic Con 2016

5 Oct 2016

Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Last Saturday was the first day of Indonesia Comic Con 2016. It was the second Indonesia Comic Con after last year. It was affiliated to New York Comic Con and was held in Jakarta. I know I've always labeled myself as a geek girl, so I'm quite ashamed to say that this was my very first time going to a comic con *insert the monkey emoji here*. If I could give you a reason, I'd say because these cons (there is another annual comic con called Jakarta Comic Con) are always held in Jakarta and Jakarta is like three hours away from where I live. Would be nice if there's a comic con held in Bandung someday. Fingers crossed, everybody!
The Crowd at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
So anyway... The crowd was so crazy! Everybody was excited. It took us about an hour just to get into the venue. The venue was Jakarta Convention Center, a big hall usually used for concerts and other conventions. It's huge but it was still crowded, and got even more crowded as the event went on.
Brianna Hildebrand at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Brianna Hildebrand was the guest star that everybody was waiting to see. Before the special guests were announced, there was a rumour going around that Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston were coming to ICC, but Brianna was the real kickass. People already know a lot about Chris and Tom, but Brianna brought a new, fresh face and it was very fun to get to know her. I didn't know she could sing before seeing her singing on stage! I'm in love with her now and I really want to see her character again in the next Deadpool movie. (She confirmed that yes, there will be Deadpool 2, but no, she still doesn't know whether she'll be on it or not.)
Defend The Galactic Empire at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
And since the new Star Wars film is coming up later this year, there was a fair amount of promotion for Rogue One at ICC, like this propaganda from the Empire. Also there was a booth selling Star Wars medallion, another one showcasting the planes, and another one selling Sphero BB-8 (husband bought one for his office. I am SO jealous.) There were also like maybe a dozen Star Wars cosplayers, making me regret not going there sporting my Leia hijab style. Hahah
Matt The Radar Technician Stickers Set from Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Marvel's Agent Carter Bobble Head Funko Pop from Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
And of course I wouldn't ever go home without purchasing anything! I've always been a huge fan of MachoMachi from Tumblr (did you know that they're from my country? I didn't until last Sunday lol!!) and finding that there was a booth selling some of their creations was pure heaven. I bought this Matt The Radar Technician stickers set as all the other sets were all sold out. Also, I bought my very first Funko Pop! I was so excited I found it hard to choose among Agent Peggy Carter, Daredevil, Lord Voldemort, and Dementor. Since I could only afford one Funko Pop (because expensive and also I was broke) and I'm all for girl power, I decided to take Little Aunt Peggy home. She's so cute I can't even!

I'm definitely going to next year's Indonesia Comic Con. And next time, I'm going to wear my best Leia cosplay ;)

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