Quarter Life Crisis is Real, and It's an Absolute Bitch

Quarter Life Crisis is a Bitch | Hola Darla
Whether I read an amusing article or a serious one about quarter life crisis signs, there's only one conclusion: I am currently in the middle of my quarter life crisis. I've found that quarter life crisis is real, and yes, it's a bitch.

I've been feeling like I'm dragging my feet every single day; forcing myself to get up and go to work. At one point, I couldn't even talk to anyone without getting anxiety. This had been going for weeks before I finally realised that I'm turning 25 in less than a month. At first I thought perhaps I was having a mental breakdown or I was depressed, but now I'm quite sure that this is what they call quarter life crisis.

Among all the signs that I'm going through right now are:

Part of me wants to make a huge change like start having babies or move back to Bandung City, but another part of me wants to stay and not make life-changing decisions during this phase. I'm really confused right now because I honestly don't know what to do.

Help! (I guess?)

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