Quarter Life Crisis is Real, and It's an Absolute Bitch

30 Sep 2016

Quarter Life Crisis is a Bitch | Hola Darla
Whether I read an amusing article or a serious one about quarter life crisis signs, there's only one conclusion: I am currently in the middle of my quarter life crisis. I've found that quarter life crisis is real, and yes, it's a bitch.

I've been feeling like I'm dragging my feet every single day; forcing myself to get up and go to work. At one point, I couldn't even talk to anyone without getting anxiety. This had been going for weeks before I finally realised that I'm turning 25 in less than a month. At first I thought perhaps I was having a mental breakdown or I was depressed, but now I'm quite sure that this is what they call quarter life crisis.

Among all the signs that I'm going through right now are:

  • I'm having trouble falling asleep at night, but all I want is to nap all day. Which is almost impossible, because work (duh!)
  • I've always been a socially awkward person and it's always hard for me to meet new people, but the awkwardness has increased to anxiety. And not only to new people but also to friends.
  • Since college, I had always known that 8-to-4 jobs weren't for me and that's why I started a career as a private English tutor, but I've become to really hate my job and I'd give anything to have an 8-to-4 job and to be able to be home before 9pm.

Part of me wants to make a huge change like start having babies or move back to Bandung City, but another part of me wants to stay and not make life-changing decisions during this phase. I'm really confused right now because I honestly don't know what to do.

Help! (I guess?)

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Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016

6 Sep 2016

Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Jaman SMP dulu aku lumayan terobsesi dengan segala hal yang berbau Jepang. Mungkin lebih karna kebawa-bawa sih... Dulu temenannya sama anak-anak yang suka baca manga, nonton anime, & dengerin lagu-lagu ber-genre J-rock & J-pop. Tapi obsesi itu memudar pas masuk ke SMA. Pada akhirnya temen-temen yang tadinya suka sama budaya Jepang perlahan murtad ke K-pop. Aku gak kebawa murtad & malahan jadi pindah haluan ke musik-musik barat. Makanya pas suami bilang kalo dia Sabtu kemarin harus ketemu klien di Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016, aku langsung teriak "Ikuuuuuuuttttttt!" tanpa tau malu. Lumayan, itung-itung nostalgia :')
Jak-Japan Matsuri Festival 2016 | Hola Darla
Jadi acara yang diselenggarakan tanggal 3-4 September 2016 di Parkir Timur GBK Jakarta ini ternyata memang acara tahunan & tahun ini adalah Jak-Japan Matsuri yang ke-8. Ada banyak booth penjual makanan dan minuman serta pernak-pernik khas Jepang. Ada juga booth yang menyewakan kimono & yukata untuk dipake foto-foto. Selain itu, ada juga beberapa booth dari sponsor yang kebanyakan merupakan perusahaan Jepang yang ada di Indonesia, kayak Toyota, Yakult, Pocari Sweat, dll.
Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 Exhibitor Lanyard | Hola Darla
Raw Tomato at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Di panggung utama ada beberapa performer yang menghibur pengunjung dengan pertunjukan musik dan drama. Salah satu yang ditunggu sama para penonton adalah band Raw Tomato. Band ini kemarin bawa beberapa lagu, termasuk soundtrack Pokemon dan Cardcaptor Sakura dalam Bahasa Indonesia (I'M SO HAPPY OMG!!)
Domo Kun at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Kemarin juga sebenernya ada Domo gede gitu, pengen foto bareng tapi suamiku sibuk ngurusin booth klien jadi aku gak ada yang fotoin :(
Lanterns at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Lampion-lampion ini pasti cantik banget deh pas malemnya. Sayang, berhubung kehadiran kami di Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 sebenernya adalah perjalanan dinas, jadi kami gak bisa lama-lama karna ditungguin sopir. Jadi begitu Raw Tomato beres tampil, kamipun pulang. Mudah-mudahan tahun depan bisa dateng lagi sebagai pengunjung, jadi bisa puas jajan-jajan & jejingkrakan nonton band sampe malem. Syukur-syukur kalo bisa dateng di kedua harinya. Hihihihi :p

PS. Abis dari Jak-Japan Matsuri ini sebenernya aku & suami pulangnya langsung ke Locafore. Tapi itu cerita untuk postingan selanjutnya ;)

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

2 Sep 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review | Hola Darla
The release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book must be the highlight of 2016 for all Harry Potter fans, including me. When it was announced that there would be the eighth book of Harry Potter, I was so excited; but not excited enough to pre-order as the price was quite high for me. Fortunately, the book was short enough for a friend of mine to finish it in just one sitting and that friend of mine was kind enough to lend it to me!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Hard Cover | Hola Darla
Cursed Child starts at the exact same scene as the epilog from Deathly Hallows. Set 19 years after the Battle Of Hogwarts, the original trio is at Platform 3/4 to watch their children board the Hogwarts Express. Albus Severus is worried that he will be sorted into Slytherin but Harry assures him that it won't make any difference. This turns out to be a big part of the story of Cursed Child. Albus is sorted into Slytherin and befriends Scorpius Malfoy, Draco's only child. Him being a Potter in Slytherin becomes a burden for Albus since he feels like he is overshadowed by his father's greatness (or rather, fame, since Harry Potter grew up to be a troubled man with problems at work who doesn't get along with his son). To overcome this problem and to prove that he is as great as his father, Albus (accompanied by Scorpius) sets off a journey to the past to correct Harry's mistake, that is getting Cedric killed by Voldemort. However, every little change in the past makes the alternate present even weirder and weirder. Albus and Scorpius have to make everything right again.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Excerpt | Hola Darla
Honestly, I'm not satisfied with this book. It was written by two more people other than J.K. Rowling herself, I don't know how much of it that she wrote, but the whole book doesn't have her sound at all. The original trio is written like completely different people. I get it; people change. But the change of the trio is too far away. Ron was quite funny back then, but in this book he was written more like a comic relief. He sounds shallow. We all know that Hermione is the greatest witch of her age, but I'm also sure that the original Ron was bound to be great as well. This new Ron looks like he is overshadowed by his wife who happens to become the Minister of Magic while he manages a joke shop (probably the twin's shop). I'm very disappointed.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cover | Hola Darla
Also, the friendship between Albus and Scorpius screams gay to me. While I think it's okay if they are actually in love with each other, but the story insists that they are not gays by forcing the subplot that Scorpius has a crush on Rose (Granger-Weasley) and tries to ask her out. It's as if the writers actually wanted them to be gays but decided to write it off in last minute. It really bugs me. Reading the Cursed Child feels like reading a fanfiction written by a teenage girl who is obsessed with both the Harry Potter series and Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. I'm sorry, but it is.

That being said, if I get the chance to see the play, I'll still watch it. Maybe the real reason why I hate Cursed Child so much is because it's actually a play script. It doesn't give as much detail as a narrative story. Maybe I'll like it more if I see it on stage. Now, if only I could take myself to London...

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