Summer Food Festival + Keuken Bandung 2016

24 Aug 2016

For the past decade, Bandung has become a well-known culinary tourism destination in West Java. The city gets crowded every weekend because people from nearby cities come to hang out in cafes and such. It's a heaven for food lovers. So it was no surprise that during the Independence Day weekend, there were two culinary festivals held in Bandung: Summer Food Festival and Keuken 2016. We happened to go to both festivals, but unfortunately we were having too much fun that we only took several pictures :p
All About Potatoes at Summer Food Festival Bandung | Hola Darla
Iced Cappuccino at Summer Food Festival Bandung | Hola Darla
Summer Food Festival Balai Kota Bandung | Hola Darla
Summer Food Festival was held in the city hall on Saturday, 20 August. It was dubbed as a South American culinary festival, but there was no South American food actually. There were only booths promoting each country's tourism programme. It was a shame because we actually came to taste South American food. We ended up buying the usual festival food (potatoes, coffee, etc.)
Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
Capsicum's Quesadilla and Crispybar's Mixed Snack at Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
Welldone's Wagyu with Buttered Rice at Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
This was the seventh Keuken, but or third time coming there (read about Keuken #4 here and Keuken #6 here). Keuken has never ceased to amaze us. We always love going to Keuken because there's always something new to try. This time, we tried quesadilla (which was good) and wagyu with buttered rice (which was VERY GOOD). Our last year's favourite was available too, so we bought it again.

So sorry for the very low-quality photos. We didn't bring a camera so each picture was taken by using our phones' camera. Also, we came to Keuken at around sunset so the lighting was bad too. I swear I'm still going to try to be a good blogger who carries a good camera everywhere. Haha...

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Farewell, Asoy.

18 Aug 2016

Asoy The Little Tiger Kitten | Hola Darla
Asoy passed this afternoon. After one week being taken care by me, Asoy died of anaemia due to his many fleas. He was still very cheerful yesterday, but as of this morning he wouldn't drink his milk. His body was very cool and he was weak. I took him to the vet and he was given oxygen, laid on a heating pad, and his chest was rubbed by the vet but he wasn't breathing. His pulse was very weak and his heart finally stopped beating at around 2pm. I'm very upset right now.

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Life Lately - Mid August

14 Aug 2016

I'm trying not to be one of those people who say "It's August already! Time flies!" when clearly this year feels like the worst year for everybody in the world. There was a point a few weeks ago where I decided to stop watching the news on TV entirely because everything looked bad. We need more positive news, please.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hard cover | Hola Darla
That being said, at least we got a new Harry Potter book this year, though it's not a novel but a drama script. I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but that's a story for another time. As for now, let's just appreciate this excerpt:
Sassy Professor McGonagall on Cursed Child | Hola Darla
Boy do I miss Sassy Minerva so much (and also Sassy Dowager Countess).

Also, I finally went to the gym and tried a belly dance lesson (I know, right???). Halfway through it I realised that belly dancing was NOT for me. I was SO BAD at moving my hips and I looked totally awkward and stupid that I won't be going to that class ever again.
Going to the gym | Hola Darla
Nope. Not for me. I'll just switch back to running on the treadmill (and maybe a Zumba or aerobic class?)

There was one morning a few days ago when I couldn't get up from bed because Jessi was lying on my chest. She has become so heavy after being spayed and I was too lazy to make an effort to get her off my chest, so I took a few more minutes in bed taking pictures of her and editing them on Prisma.
Jessi plus the Prisma app | Hola Darla
This has been my newest favourite app of all time because it makes Jessi look even more fabulous and majestic than she already is! My favourite one is the top right. I'm now using it as both my phone and laptop wallpaper.

Talking about cat... Looks like Jessi and Chop-Chop will have to share the house with another kitty for the next few years as I took this little baby in on Thursday. I found him crying beside a road near my mum's house. There were no other kittens and the mother was also nowhere to be found. He sounded hungry and was covered by ants. I took him home and bottle fed him. The plan is to foster him until he can eat canned food and poop + pee on the litter box, then after that my mum will adopt him.
Asoy the Little Tiger Kitten | Hola Darla
He looks a lot like Ed Sheeran, doesn't he? It's been 72 hours and both he and I have been doing just fine. I've never taken care of orphaned kittens before. I kinda feel proud of myself right now.

Last but not least, I want to emphasise that global warming is real, you guys. It's August yet somehow it's still wet season here in Bandung. The dry season should've started as early as April, but nope. Still raining. I miss the sun and I want to go swimming, but as for now I'd just cuddle with my little Ed Sheeran. (No, that's not his name. His actual name is Asoy.)

So how's your August been so far?

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Let's Talk About Suicide Squad

8 Aug 2016

Suicide Squad Movie Review | Hola Darla
Let me tell you this up front, I'm not a fan of DC. I think Man Of Steel is a huge snooze fest and I actually fell asleep during the most important part of Dawn Of Justice (ya know... the part which Batman versus Superman actually happens). So I wasn't too interested in all the hype regarding Suicide Squad. I thought it would be another snooze fest and a waste of money; I even joked to my husband that I needed to take a nap and had a cup of coffee before we went to the movie so I wouldn't fall asleep.

And boy was I really wrong. The movie was kind of fun. Kind of. And the musics are hella good.

Being the non-DC-fan that I am, there are a lot of things that I still don't understand, like who this Katana woman is and why she joins the squad. The story is not quite clear for non-fans like me. I read from an article that there are a lot of deleted scenes that will be available on the DVDs/Blue Ray releases, so I guess I just need to wait for it then? Talking about marketing strategies... *rolling my eyes*

Anyway, I'm fairly concerned about the depiction of Harley and Joker's abusive relationship. Why do people like it? I feel so uncomfortable watching Harley jumps into a pool of chemical waste just because Joker tells her to. It can send a bad message to young people, can't it?

All in all, I'd give Suicide Squad 3.5 out of 5 stars for the musics, the improved jokes, and Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie is a queen and seeing her in this movie has given me an encouragement to go the gym because she is my #bodygoals :p

Image from.

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Awesome August

3 Aug 2016

Awesome August on Hola Darla
New month. Fresh start.

I find it funny that I almost forget my new year's resolution. It's August already and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Absolute zero. That business I started earlier this year? Dead. My attempt at blogging in Bahasa Indonesia? Also dead. My work has been a mess since that stupid thing I've called a laptop keeps breaking down every time I need it. I've decided to kick it to the curb sell it and buy another one. So here I am with a new red Dell. I hope we're meant to be. So now I'm trying to finish a proofreading project in one sitting. Go me!

Also, go you! For whatever thing you're doing right now. You're doing great. You're awesome!

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