Changing Lane

Life is crazy.

Like, the craziest thing I've ever done.

I'm sad to see a lot of my favourite bloggers have started to go AWOL. The ones who're staying have started to become unrelatable and in turns also become annoying. Remember when blogging was easier? Like when we can just write a post about what happened that day and people would just leave comments. Now it seems like every blogger is giving recycled blogging tips. Nobody seems to blog for the sake of blogging anymore. Personal blogs are no longer personal. Every blogger has LLC'd themselves and rebranded their blogs and started labeling themselves as a pro and offering expensive 'blogging class'. It's exhausting. I followed you because I wanted to read the posts about your cats, or your home tour, or how you turned that old coffee table into a chic ottoman. I don't need recycled tips, I want your writings; authentic words from you.

For months I'd been contemplating about shutting down this blog and starting fresh. New blog, new name, new platform. The plan was almost complete, but then I took a look at this blog and realise how much I loved it. This blog has been with me since I was 18 and has helped me through a lot of things. It's been 7 years, and even though it hasn't grown as big as I used to dream it would be, it's big enough for me now. It's enough.

So like I've said again and again, this blog is staying. I will no longer aim at becoming a 'big blogger'; I just want to be a 'blogger' right now. As simple as that. And since I started this as a personal blog, I will make this personal blog personal again.

Now how's that for a campaign slogan, eh?

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