Deadpool is Not for Kids!

Deadpool is not for kids! | Hola Darla
There's been an uproar here in my country regarding the release of Deadpool movie. Some parents (and by 'some' I mean lots of them) demand that the government ban Deadpool because it's "not suitable for children". They claim that their children are "curious" and want to watch the movie because "all their friends have watched it", therefore the government should ban it because well parenting is so super hard especially if your underage children whine to be allowed to watch an R-rated movie.

It's an R-rated movie, of course it's not suitable for children. A friend of mine pointed out that asking the government to ban Deadpool because of such reason is like asking the government to shut down universities because the subjects taught there are too hard for children.

This is so super ridiculous.

I admit that I myself have never read any Deadpool comics, but by a quick research on the internet, I could get a lot of information about him, i.e. he's not a superhero, he's an antihero; he's basically an arsehole with a foul mouth. Totally not for kids.

Your kids are your responsibilities. I repeat: YOUR KIDS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES. Please be a good parent and take them to watch Zootopia instead.

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