Thank You, 2016. And Good Bye!

25 Dec 2016

Lunch at Magic Wok, Jalan Kesatriaan Bandung | Hola Darla
We all agree that 2016 has been very hard for most of us, but I'm not gonna lie; 2016 has plenty wonderful things too.

It's the year I met Chop-Chop. It's the year I went through my quarter life crisis. It's the year of good movies. It's the year that my blog grows in terms of sponsorship.

It's been a challenging year, but surely God knows what we are worth and how strong we are, and look at us now! We're alive. We're breathing. And that's the most important thing to be grateful for.

I've made several plans for 2017, but mostly I'll leave it up to fate. Wherever 2017 will take me, I'm ready to adjust my sail. If 2016 has taught me a thing, it's to not force anything.

Have a nice holiday & a happy new year!

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

19 Dec 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Hola Darla

Rogue One hasn't even been in the cinema for one week and yet I have seen it twice. TWICE! That's how obsessed I am. That's how awesome it is. That's how wonderful it is to be alive in this era; an era in which we get one Star Wars movie each year.

That's why no matter how I try, I don't think this post will be spoiler-free. I'M STILL TOO EXCITED!

Things To Look Forward To For The Rest Of The Year

8 Dec 2016

Things to Look Forward to for the Rest of the Year | Hola Darla
Ha! See what I did there with the title? "... For The Rest Of The Year" as if 2016 still had months to go. Well, knock on wood because 2016 has been a wild ride and it feels like the worst, longest year ever, both to the whole world and to me personally. I'm both eager and afraid of what 2017 will become. Part of me wants to be optimistic that 2017 will be a fresh, new start--a chance to correct all the mistakes I made in 2016; the other part of me keeps saying that 2017 is just literally one day after 2016 and I'm sure one whole year of mistakes won't just change in one day.

However, December has a lot of good things to offer, apparently. There's still a chance that 2016 won't end badly. Perhaps it'll end with a blast? I don't know about you, but here are things that I look forward to for the rest of 2016.

Sing Movie Still | Hola Darla
Sing is an animated movie from the same production house from which Despicable Me and Minions came. It's a fable of a singing competition. I still haven't known more information about the storyline, but it has become on my list since the first time I saw the teaser trailer a few months ago.

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)
Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) by AssassinWarrior on Deviant Art
Have you heard about this Japanese animated movie? It has been released for quite some time now, but was just released yesterday in my country. It has been praised by critics and certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and it was also reported to have beaten Moana in the box office. The story is about two high school students who are strangers to each other but suddenly switch places. They have to find a way to adjust to the situation because the switch happens randomly.

Sense8 Christmas Special
Lito and Hernando from Sense8 Christmas Special | Hola Darla
After waiting for more than a year, Sense 8 will finally come back on Netflix this month with a Christmas special on December 23. Read more about Sense8 here.

Rogue One
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story | Hola Darla
We get a Star Wars movie every year. What a time to be alive, huh? Just like any other movies/series in this post, I hardly have a clue about Rogue One other than it's about rebellion towards the empire. Fantastic Beasts has opened up my eyes about how refreshing it is to watch a movie with little to zero knowledge about the story. Thus I've drawn myself from researching before seeing Rogue One. Hahaha!

Sherlock Series 4
Sherlock Series 4 | Hola Darla
I know, I know. Sherlock will technically come back on the New Year's Day, but like I said above, it's just one day after December 31 :p

How about you? Do you have anything to add to my list?

First image originally from here. Other images from 1/2/3/4/5.

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Kiat Cerdas Merawat Jaket Kulit*

6 Dec 2016

Kiat Cerdas Merawat Jaket Kulit | Hola Darla
Merawat jaket yang berbahan kulit memang susah-susah gampang. Nyucinya pun gak bisa sembarangan karna bisa menyebabkan terjadinya kerusakan pada jaket tersebut. Apalagi kalo kita adalah jenis orang yang memiliki keringat berlebih. Karna jaket kulit gak bisa dicuci, keringat kita bisa bikin jaket kulit tersebut jadi bau. Terus gimana dong? Nah ternyata ada beberapa kiat cerdas merawat jaket kulit yang perlu kita ketahui. Apa aja? Check after the jump ;)

Grand Launching Ethica Store Cimahi*

2 Dec 2016

Grand Launching Ethica Store Cimahi | Hola Darla
Sejak sekitar sebulan yang lalu, tiap lewat pertigaan Sangkuriang, Cimahi, aku selalu ngelirik ke bangunan ruko di sebelah kiri (kalo dari arah Padalarang menuju Bandung). Penasaran - mau dijadiin toko apa ya itu? Kok warnanya ungu-ungu manis gimanaaa gitu? Rasa penasaran itu akhirnya terbayar setelah aku dapet undangan ke acara Grand Launching Ethica Store Cimahi. Ternyata ruko ungu itu adalah Ethica Store :D

The Travelling Novel

23 Nov 2016

Back in June, Anjali from This Splendid Shambles announced her idea of a travelling novel. Curious, I checked her announcement post and instantly became interested. I signed up right away. After waiting for a few months, the novel finally arrived at my doorstep safely.

So, what's a travelling novel actually? The Travelling Novel is Anjali's idea to pass a novel around the globe. This novel, Shirley Jackson's We Have Always Lived In The Castle has traveled from New Zealand to the UK, then from the UK to Indonesia. After finishing it, I have to pass it on to another person in another part of the Earth.

I've just got this novel yesterday and I haven't started reading yet (my in-laws are in town, so I've been quite busy being a host), but I'm very excited to read it. I like Shirley Jackson's short story, The Lottery, and from the back cover of this novel I learned that this novel deals with murders, my favourite!

I still don't know to whom I will send the novel after I finish it, so if you're interested in joining The Travelling Novel project, please let me know by mentioning @DarlaOct on Twitter ;)

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Weekend Links

20 Nov 2016

Weekend Links | Hola Darla
If you've been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you might have known about Jesmin, the little kitten that I'd been fostering for these past three weeks(-ish). She was diganosed with meningitis by the vet on Friday and last night she passed away while I was holding her. Needless to say, this weekend is not as cheerful as usual, but I managed to put together several articles that I've found interesting this past week. Here they are:

Happy weekend :)

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie Review

17 Nov 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Movie Review | Hola Darla
Yesterday, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered in my country. As usual, Afief and I went to the premier. We got quite nice seats, and since we went to the earliest show at 11.30 am, there were no noisy school kids. Very nice!

In case you didn't know, this movie is based on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a (fictional) school textbook used in the Care for Magical Creatures class in Hogwarts. The book is more like an encyclopedia of magical creatures with their information, such as where to find them (hence the title) and how to take care of them. The book was (fictitiously) written by Newt Scamander. The movie storyline is about Newt Scamander's journey around the world, researching for the book.

The story opens with Newt arriving in New York in 1926. He carries a briefcase with him, which contains quite a lot of magical creatures. He meets a male no-maj (ugh what a dreadful word!) named Jacob Kowalski in an incident when a niffler escaped from his briefcase and ran into a bank. Before Newt can obliviate Jacob, he escaped carrying his briefcase. Turns out, their briefcases were accidently switched. When Jacob arrives at home, he notices that there's something strange with the briefcase and opens it, releasing several of the magical creatures. Meanwhile, Newt is captured and taken by an agent of MACUSA (Magical Congress of the USA), Porpentina "Tina" Goldstein. After realising that the briefcase was switched, Newt and Tina go to Jacob's apartment but they are too late. Jacob has fainted, his apartment blown apart, and the briefcase has been left opened. Newt and Tina, accompanied by Jacob and Queenie (Tina's sister), have to find all the escaped beasts while also deal with the growing darkness engulfing New York.

After the Pottermore-hype a few years back, I felt that JK Rowling was milking money from Harry Potter franchise until the very last drop. Then news came out that Fantastic Beasts was going to be adapted into a movie and I thought "How do you make a movie based on an encyclopedia?" and how greedy JK Rowling had become these past years. Well, let's just say that I owe Ms Rowling a million apology, because Fantastic Beasts hands down blew my mind!

Even though the story was set in the past, I feel that it is very refreshing. Along the years, we followed Harry Potter's growing up from a pre-teen into a young adult. We basically grow up with him. We identified with him. But we're adults now and Harry will always be 17 (or 36 if we count the epilogue; early 40s if we count The Cursed Child). Fantastic Beasts shows us the wizarding world, though old, from a whole new perspective that we haven't seen before: the adult world. Here we see adult wizards and witches in their working world: working as aurors, working behind the desk, making coffees, etc. Gone is the teenage world with hormones and angst; it is replaced with the world of adults with responsibilities. Also, the original story also adds up a point. With Harry Potter series, we already knew the stories from the novels, so we compared the films and the books. Fantastic Beasts has an original story, thus it is quite unpredictable. Although I like spoilers, I still think it's fun to watch unpredictable movies. I didn't know anything about it before watching besides that Newt Scamander is researching for his book, that he goes to the USA, and that his briefcase starts a disturbance to the wizarding community there. I didn't know what evil would appear as the 'bad guy' in this movie. I left the theater with a smile on my face because I realised how wrong I was to expect less than spectacular.

In conclusion, it's a very good movie. It has the witty jokes the Harry Potter series offered, it has interesting female characters (the President is a POC female!), and it shows the other side of the wizarding world we've never seen before. I can't wait for the rest of the series (there'll be four more films).

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Do you like it? Tell me!

Second image via.
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Weekend Links

12 Nov 2016

Weekend Links | Hola Darla
The weather isn't too friendly this week. I've been having a fair amount of cold so I take it slow this week, and therefore I have quite a lot of time to peruse the internet & catch up with some of my favourite blogs. I guess this is what I really need; to take things slow & not push myself too hard. I still have several projects to tackle down, but hey! At least it's Saturday. And on Saturdays we are allowed to forget our work for a little while and have some fun!


Don't forget to have fun this weekend!

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Beli Laptop dengan Voucher dan Cashback dari ShopBack? Anything's Possible!*

9 Nov 2016

Udah beberapa bulan terakhir laptop Mas Apip yang udah uzur itu semakin menunjukkan tanda-tanda penuaan. Bodinya udah luntur, CD tray udah gak bisa dibuka, speaker udah gak nyala, tuts di keyboard udah ada yang rontok. Antara sedih & pengen ngakak ngeliatnya. Mas Apip mah penyabar sih, kalo aku mah laptop nge-hang dikit udah merengek minta ganti *tutup muka*

Jadi katanya Mas Apip pengen beli yang baru. Yang mantep buat ngerjain projek kodingannya. Pengen yang RAM-nya 4GB, yang prosesornya begini begitu, yang bisa dimasukin CD, yang udah USB 3.0, gitu-gitu deh pokoknya mah. Biar praktis, belinya pengen online aja, biar tinggal klik & ongkang-ongkang kaki, tapi barang nyampe.

Pas lagi begini, eh aku nemu satu website yang namanya ShopBack. ShopBack bukan website e-commerce, jadi mereka gak jualan barang. Tapi mereka ngasih kita voucher dan cashback hingga 30% kalo kita belanja di website e-commerce yang udah kerja sama dengan mereka. Terus uang cashback tersebut bisa dicairkan dengan cara transfer ke rekening bank pribadi. Dan ternyata nih hampir semua e-commerce yang kita kenal udah kerja sama lho dengan ShopBack, kayak Zalora, Lazada, Tokopedia, BukaLapak, MatahariMall, Elevenia, Blibli, Agoda,, sampe Uber segala pun ada. Belum lagi situs luar negeri kayak eBay sama AliExpress. Wow banget pokoknya mah!
Dapat cashback dari ShopBack | Hola Darla

My November Goals

6 Nov 2016

Jessi and Chop-Chop the Cats | Hola Darla
Is it too late to write my November goals? I've never done this before, writing monthly goals, but seing that my life is such a mess right now, I think it may help a bit to write down specific goals for this month. So even though it's already the sixth of November, here are my goals for this month.

Keep working out regularly. My gym membership expired yesterday. I don't know whether I'm gonna re-apply or not. Those sparks of energy to go to the gym disappeared about two weeks ago. Regular workouts have lifted me up mentally, so I know that I need them, but going to the gym & sticking to the classes' schedule have been hard for me (the gym is like an hour away from home). My goal is to keep working out, at least go running once a week.

Finish off current projects and decline project offers that I don't wanna do. I don't know why exactly, but lately I've become a yes person. I need to start saying 'no' more. I've kept accepting projects and then become overwhelmed. (And whenever I feel overwhelmed, I tend to procrastinate; it's in my DNA.)

Catch up with lotsa TV series. Elementary and Agents of SHIELD, mainly. Also, I need to start watching Stranger Things, Westworld, and Outlander. I heard they are good?

Catch up with lotsa comic series. Because srsly!

AND catch up with lotsa books. I rarely read anymore and it makes me sad :(

PLUS catch up with my favourite blogs. If I used to comment on every single post on your blog but then completely stopped doing that, chances are it's not your fault; it's mine.

My goals are pretty achievable, no? I hope I can reach them all. The year is almost over yet I feel like I haven't really done anything.

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3 Nov 2016

Is it selfish to just stop doing what I no longer enjoy doing? To severe the ties with people I no longer enjoy seeing?

Lately I've been feeling like I'm drowning. Meeting people drains my energy. I want to live by the rules of "Do more of what makes you happy", even if what makes me happy is being alone and isolating myself. Is that okay? Or is that selfish?

I want to run.

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German Cinema 2016

18 Oct 2016

German Cinema 2016 | Hola Darla
For the past couple of years, German Cinema has been one of our most anticipated annual festivals. We first found out about the festival in 2013 when we 'accidently' stumbled across it when we were buying tickets for a movie in Blitzmegaplex Paris Van Java. We completely missed the festival in 2014, but last year we managed to see 6 out of the 9 movies they screened. This year, German Cinema 2016 brought 9 more movies for us to watch, free of charge. I watched 6 of them and Afief watched 7.

Just like last year, the festival was also held for 3 days in Ciwalk XXI. The ticket box was opened about an hour before each film started. It gets more and more crowded each year. I think it might be good if they found another venue for next year; with bigger theater and more seats, perhaps?
German Cinema 2016 in Bandung | Hola Darla
Afief and Dara going to see German Cinema 2016 in Bandung | Hola Darla
The six movies I watched were:

But among them, my favourites are Victoria and Lenalove.
Victoria (2015) tells a story about a young Spanish woman who has just come to Berlin three months ago. She works a low paying job and barely speaks German. She meets a bunch of guys outside a club. They seem nice and one of them flirts heavily with her and she decides to hang out with them before she has to work the following morning. What starts as a fun early morning ends with  a gunfight and blood.
Lenalove is a story of broken friendship, bullying, social media, and how adults' problem affects their children. Lena and Nicole are neighbours and used to be BFFs. Now Nicole hangs out with Stella, a typical teenaged bully, and Lena finds a new friend, Noah, through her social media. Lena confides in Noah about a lot of personal things, not realising who Noah really is.

This festival kind of makes me wish there were more countries willing to create this kind of festival. There are a few film festivals currently being held by CGV, namely the Koreans and Japanese ones, but they are merely festivals held by CGV and not directly supported by the countries' government.

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Grand Opening ASUS Republic of Gamers Store di Bandung Electronic Center*

14 Oct 2016

Grand Opening ASUS Republic of Gamer Store di Bandung Electronic Center | Hola Darla
Walaupun sering ngaku geek, aku gak pernah bener-bener suka main game (kecuali The Sims. Because #thesimsislyfe). Game PC, game konsol, bahkan game di handphone sekalipun. Tapi hidupku emang gak pernah jauh-jauh dari game dan IT sih... Ayah sejak dulu adalah seorang IT enthusiast, sesuatu yang nurun ke adik yang sekarang tergila-gila sama Android dan game. Plus, suamiku juga kerja di perusahaan game developer, jadi ya udah gak asing lah yaa sama istilah ini-itu di dunia IT dan game. Kebetulan banget nih, Rabu minggu kemarin aku diundang oleh ASUS ke acara peresmian ASUS Republic of Gamers Store di Bandung Electronic Center. Ngapain aja? Berikut liputan ringkas & beberapa foto dari event tersebut ;)

Memilih Kebaya Wisuda yang Menawan*

11 Oct 2016

Memilih Kebaya Wisuda yang Menawan | Hola Darla
Buat anak kuliahan, wisuda adalah momen yang paling indah. Wisuda jadi semacam selebrasi terbebasnya kita dari TA atau skripsi(!!!). Wisuda adalah hari istimewa yang harus dilalui dengan istimewa juga, terutama dalam hal penampilan. Kalau para pria biasanya nampak gagah dengan stelan jasnya, para wanita biasanya memilih mengenakan kebaya. Untuk kita-kita para wanita nih, memakai kebaya yang anggun saat wisuda itu penting banget. Seiring berkembangnya jaman, kebaya makin macem-macem aja modelnya. Makanya, memilih model kebaya wisuda yang tepat harus dipertimbangkan dengan baik dan matang dari jauh-jauh hari sebelumnya. Kenapa? Tentunya supaya penampilan kita lebih menarik dan menawan di hari yang istimewa. Berikut ini beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam memilih model kebaya yang pas untuk wisuda, antara lain:

Indonesia Comic Con 2016

5 Oct 2016

Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Last Saturday was the first day of Indonesia Comic Con 2016. It was the second Indonesia Comic Con after last year. It was affiliated to New York Comic Con and was held in Jakarta. I know I've always labeled myself as a geek girl, so I'm quite ashamed to say that this was my very first time going to a comic con *insert the monkey emoji here*. If I could give you a reason, I'd say because these cons (there is another annual comic con called Jakarta Comic Con) are always held in Jakarta and Jakarta is like three hours away from where I live. Would be nice if there's a comic con held in Bandung someday. Fingers crossed, everybody!
The Crowd at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
So anyway... The crowd was so crazy! Everybody was excited. It took us about an hour just to get into the venue. The venue was Jakarta Convention Center, a big hall usually used for concerts and other conventions. It's huge but it was still crowded, and got even more crowded as the event went on.
Brianna Hildebrand at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Brianna Hildebrand was the guest star that everybody was waiting to see. Before the special guests were announced, there was a rumour going around that Chris Evans and Tom Hiddleston were coming to ICC, but Brianna was the real kickass. People already know a lot about Chris and Tom, but Brianna brought a new, fresh face and it was very fun to get to know her. I didn't know she could sing before seeing her singing on stage! I'm in love with her now and I really want to see her character again in the next Deadpool movie. (She confirmed that yes, there will be Deadpool 2, but no, she still doesn't know whether she'll be on it or not.)
Defend The Galactic Empire at Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
And since the new Star Wars film is coming up later this year, there was a fair amount of promotion for Rogue One at ICC, like this propaganda from the Empire. Also there was a booth selling Star Wars medallion, another one showcasting the planes, and another one selling Sphero BB-8 (husband bought one for his office. I am SO jealous.) There were also like maybe a dozen Star Wars cosplayers, making me regret not going there sporting my Leia hijab style. Hahah
Matt The Radar Technician Stickers Set from Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
Marvel's Agent Carter Bobble Head Funko Pop from Indonesia Comic Con 2016 | Hola Darla
And of course I wouldn't ever go home without purchasing anything! I've always been a huge fan of MachoMachi from Tumblr (did you know that they're from my country? I didn't until last Sunday lol!!) and finding that there was a booth selling some of their creations was pure heaven. I bought this Matt The Radar Technician stickers set as all the other sets were all sold out. Also, I bought my very first Funko Pop! I was so excited I found it hard to choose among Agent Peggy Carter, Daredevil, Lord Voldemort, and Dementor. Since I could only afford one Funko Pop (because expensive and also I was broke) and I'm all for girl power, I decided to take Little Aunt Peggy home. She's so cute I can't even!

I'm definitely going to next year's Indonesia Comic Con. And next time, I'm going to wear my best Leia cosplay ;)

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Quarter Life Crisis is Real, and It's an Absolute Bitch

30 Sep 2016

Quarter Life Crisis is a Bitch | Hola Darla
Whether I read an amusing article or a serious one about quarter life crisis signs, there's only one conclusion: I am currently in the middle of my quarter life crisis. I've found that quarter life crisis is real, and yes, it's a bitch.

I've been feeling like I'm dragging my feet every single day; forcing myself to get up and go to work. At one point, I couldn't even talk to anyone without getting anxiety. This had been going for weeks before I finally realised that I'm turning 25 in less than a month. At first I thought perhaps I was having a mental breakdown or I was depressed, but now I'm quite sure that this is what they call quarter life crisis.

Among all the signs that I'm going through right now are:

  • I'm having trouble falling asleep at night, but all I want is to nap all day. Which is almost impossible, because work (duh!)
  • I've always been a socially awkward person and it's always hard for me to meet new people, but the awkwardness has increased to anxiety. And not only to new people but also to friends.
  • Since college, I had always known that 8-to-4 jobs weren't for me and that's why I started a career as a private English tutor, but I've become to really hate my job and I'd give anything to have an 8-to-4 job and to be able to be home before 9pm.

Part of me wants to make a huge change like start having babies or move back to Bandung City, but another part of me wants to stay and not make life-changing decisions during this phase. I'm really confused right now because I honestly don't know what to do.

Help! (I guess?)

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Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016

6 Sep 2016

Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Jaman SMP dulu aku lumayan terobsesi dengan segala hal yang berbau Jepang. Mungkin lebih karna kebawa-bawa sih... Dulu temenannya sama anak-anak yang suka baca manga, nonton anime, & dengerin lagu-lagu ber-genre J-rock & J-pop. Tapi obsesi itu memudar pas masuk ke SMA. Pada akhirnya temen-temen yang tadinya suka sama budaya Jepang perlahan murtad ke K-pop. Aku gak kebawa murtad & malahan jadi pindah haluan ke musik-musik barat. Makanya pas suami bilang kalo dia Sabtu kemarin harus ketemu klien di Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016, aku langsung teriak "Ikuuuuuuuttttttt!" tanpa tau malu. Lumayan, itung-itung nostalgia :')
Jak-Japan Matsuri Festival 2016 | Hola Darla
Jadi acara yang diselenggarakan tanggal 3-4 September 2016 di Parkir Timur GBK Jakarta ini ternyata memang acara tahunan & tahun ini adalah Jak-Japan Matsuri yang ke-8. Ada banyak booth penjual makanan dan minuman serta pernak-pernik khas Jepang. Ada juga booth yang menyewakan kimono & yukata untuk dipake foto-foto. Selain itu, ada juga beberapa booth dari sponsor yang kebanyakan merupakan perusahaan Jepang yang ada di Indonesia, kayak Toyota, Yakult, Pocari Sweat, dll.
Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 Exhibitor Lanyard | Hola Darla
Raw Tomato at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Di panggung utama ada beberapa performer yang menghibur pengunjung dengan pertunjukan musik dan drama. Salah satu yang ditunggu sama para penonton adalah band Raw Tomato. Band ini kemarin bawa beberapa lagu, termasuk soundtrack Pokemon dan Cardcaptor Sakura dalam Bahasa Indonesia (I'M SO HAPPY OMG!!)
Domo Kun at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Kemarin juga sebenernya ada Domo gede gitu, pengen foto bareng tapi suamiku sibuk ngurusin booth klien jadi aku gak ada yang fotoin :(
Lanterns at Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 | Hola Darla
Lampion-lampion ini pasti cantik banget deh pas malemnya. Sayang, berhubung kehadiran kami di Jak-Japan Matsuri 2016 sebenernya adalah perjalanan dinas, jadi kami gak bisa lama-lama karna ditungguin sopir. Jadi begitu Raw Tomato beres tampil, kamipun pulang. Mudah-mudahan tahun depan bisa dateng lagi sebagai pengunjung, jadi bisa puas jajan-jajan & jejingkrakan nonton band sampe malem. Syukur-syukur kalo bisa dateng di kedua harinya. Hihihihi :p

PS. Abis dari Jak-Japan Matsuri ini sebenernya aku & suami pulangnya langsung ke Locafore. Tapi itu cerita untuk postingan selanjutnya ;)

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review

2 Sep 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Review | Hola Darla
The release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book must be the highlight of 2016 for all Harry Potter fans, including me. When it was announced that there would be the eighth book of Harry Potter, I was so excited; but not excited enough to pre-order as the price was quite high for me. Fortunately, the book was short enough for a friend of mine to finish it in just one sitting and that friend of mine was kind enough to lend it to me!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Hard Cover | Hola Darla
Cursed Child starts at the exact same scene as the epilog from Deathly Hallows. Set 19 years after the Battle Of Hogwarts, the original trio is at Platform 3/4 to watch their children board the Hogwarts Express. Albus Severus is worried that he will be sorted into Slytherin but Harry assures him that it won't make any difference. This turns out to be a big part of the story of Cursed Child. Albus is sorted into Slytherin and befriends Scorpius Malfoy, Draco's only child. Him being a Potter in Slytherin becomes a burden for Albus since he feels like he is overshadowed by his father's greatness (or rather, fame, since Harry Potter grew up to be a troubled man with problems at work who doesn't get along with his son). To overcome this problem and to prove that he is as great as his father, Albus (accompanied by Scorpius) sets off a journey to the past to correct Harry's mistake, that is getting Cedric killed by Voldemort. However, every little change in the past makes the alternate present even weirder and weirder. Albus and Scorpius have to make everything right again.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Excerpt | Hola Darla
Honestly, I'm not satisfied with this book. It was written by two more people other than J.K. Rowling herself, I don't know how much of it that she wrote, but the whole book doesn't have her sound at all. The original trio is written like completely different people. I get it; people change. But the change of the trio is too far away. Ron was quite funny back then, but in this book he was written more like a comic relief. He sounds shallow. We all know that Hermione is the greatest witch of her age, but I'm also sure that the original Ron was bound to be great as well. This new Ron looks like he is overshadowed by his wife who happens to become the Minister of Magic while he manages a joke shop (probably the twin's shop). I'm very disappointed.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Cover | Hola Darla
Also, the friendship between Albus and Scorpius screams gay to me. While I think it's okay if they are actually in love with each other, but the story insists that they are not gays by forcing the subplot that Scorpius has a crush on Rose (Granger-Weasley) and tries to ask her out. It's as if the writers actually wanted them to be gays but decided to write it off in last minute. It really bugs me. Reading the Cursed Child feels like reading a fanfiction written by a teenage girl who is obsessed with both the Harry Potter series and Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. I'm sorry, but it is.

That being said, if I get the chance to see the play, I'll still watch it. Maybe the real reason why I hate Cursed Child so much is because it's actually a play script. It doesn't give as much detail as a narrative story. Maybe I'll like it more if I see it on stage. Now, if only I could take myself to London...

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Summer Food Festival + Keuken Bandung 2016

24 Aug 2016

For the past decade, Bandung has become a well-known culinary tourism destination in West Java. The city gets crowded every weekend because people from nearby cities come to hang out in cafes and such. It's a heaven for food lovers. So it was no surprise that during the Independence Day weekend, there were two culinary festivals held in Bandung: Summer Food Festival and Keuken 2016. We happened to go to both festivals, but unfortunately we were having too much fun that we only took several pictures :p
All About Potatoes at Summer Food Festival Bandung | Hola Darla
Iced Cappuccino at Summer Food Festival Bandung | Hola Darla
Summer Food Festival Balai Kota Bandung | Hola Darla
Summer Food Festival was held in the city hall on Saturday, 20 August. It was dubbed as a South American culinary festival, but there was no South American food actually. There were only booths promoting each country's tourism programme. It was a shame because we actually came to taste South American food. We ended up buying the usual festival food (potatoes, coffee, etc.)
Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
Capsicum's Quesadilla and Crispybar's Mixed Snack at Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
Welldone's Wagyu with Buttered Rice at Keuken Bandung 2016 | Hola Darla
This was the seventh Keuken, but or third time coming there (read about Keuken #4 here and Keuken #6 here). Keuken has never ceased to amaze us. We always love going to Keuken because there's always something new to try. This time, we tried quesadilla (which was good) and wagyu with buttered rice (which was VERY GOOD). Our last year's favourite was available too, so we bought it again.

So sorry for the very low-quality photos. We didn't bring a camera so each picture was taken by using our phones' camera. Also, we came to Keuken at around sunset so the lighting was bad too. I swear I'm still going to try to be a good blogger who carries a good camera everywhere. Haha...

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Farewell, Asoy.

18 Aug 2016

Asoy The Little Tiger Kitten | Hola Darla
Asoy passed this afternoon. After one week being taken care by me, Asoy died of anaemia due to his many fleas. He was still very cheerful yesterday, but as of this morning he wouldn't drink his milk. His body was very cool and he was weak. I took him to the vet and he was given oxygen, laid on a heating pad, and his chest was rubbed by the vet but he wasn't breathing. His pulse was very weak and his heart finally stopped beating at around 2pm. I'm very upset right now.

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Life Lately - Mid August

14 Aug 2016

I'm trying not to be one of those people who say "It's August already! Time flies!" when clearly this year feels like the worst year for everybody in the world. There was a point a few weeks ago where I decided to stop watching the news on TV entirely because everything looked bad. We need more positive news, please.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hard cover | Hola Darla
That being said, at least we got a new Harry Potter book this year, though it's not a novel but a drama script. I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but that's a story for another time. As for now, let's just appreciate this excerpt:
Sassy Professor McGonagall on Cursed Child | Hola Darla
Boy do I miss Sassy Minerva so much (and also Sassy Dowager Countess).

Also, I finally went to the gym and tried a belly dance lesson (I know, right???). Halfway through it I realised that belly dancing was NOT for me. I was SO BAD at moving my hips and I looked totally awkward and stupid that I won't be going to that class ever again.
Going to the gym | Hola Darla
Nope. Not for me. I'll just switch back to running on the treadmill (and maybe a Zumba or aerobic class?)

There was one morning a few days ago when I couldn't get up from bed because Jessi was lying on my chest. She has become so heavy after being spayed and I was too lazy to make an effort to get her off my chest, so I took a few more minutes in bed taking pictures of her and editing them on Prisma.
Jessi plus the Prisma app | Hola Darla
This has been my newest favourite app of all time because it makes Jessi look even more fabulous and majestic than she already is! My favourite one is the top right. I'm now using it as both my phone and laptop wallpaper.

Talking about cat... Looks like Jessi and Chop-Chop will have to share the house with another kitty for the next few years as I took this little baby in on Thursday. I found him crying beside a road near my mum's house. There were no other kittens and the mother was also nowhere to be found. He sounded hungry and was covered by ants. I took him home and bottle fed him. The plan is to foster him until he can eat canned food and poop + pee on the litter box, then after that my mum will adopt him.
Asoy the Little Tiger Kitten | Hola Darla
He looks a lot like Ed Sheeran, doesn't he? It's been 72 hours and both he and I have been doing just fine. I've never taken care of orphaned kittens before. I kinda feel proud of myself right now.

Last but not least, I want to emphasise that global warming is real, you guys. It's August yet somehow it's still wet season here in Bandung. The dry season should've started as early as April, but nope. Still raining. I miss the sun and I want to go swimming, but as for now I'd just cuddle with my little Ed Sheeran. (No, that's not his name. His actual name is Asoy.)

So how's your August been so far?

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