My Harbolnas Wishlist*

9 Dec 2015

This post is brought to you by Zalora

Hi, friends! Did you know that December 12 (1212) is Harbolnas or Hari Belanja Online Nasional (National Online Shopping Day)? Yes, it's a thing, in case you've just heard about it. Online shopping has grown crazily fast these past years that we have a special day dedicated for it now. Various online shops are offering crazy year-end sales on 1212 for up to 90% off!

My favourite online shop, Zalora, will celebrate the day from as soon as December 10 which is tomorrow! Zalora has a lot of branded fashion items, both local and international. This is your chance to get those branded shoes you've been eyeing for months. I've added several items to my wishlist so I can buy them all tomorrow. Here they are:

Dresses and Parka from Zalora // My Harbolnas Wishlist | Hola Darla
Bags and Lip Tint from Zalora // My Harbolnas Wishlist | Hola Darla
Shoes from Zalora // My Harbolnas Wishlist | Hola Darla

What about you? What are you going to buy on Zalora's Harbolnas? ;)

Harbolnas Zalora | Hola Darla

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In The Heart Of The Sea

6 Dec 2015

In The Heart Of The Sea Movie Review | Hola Darla
In The Heart Of The Sea hasn't been released yet in the US, so I'll try to avoid giving spoilers as much as I can (though I believe that most of you have already known the story as it's a real event on which Moby Dick was based).

In The Heart Of The Sea tells a based-upon-true-events story about the crew of the ill-fated whaling ship, Essex. Having found out that the sea where they usually go to hunt for whales is already fished out, Captain Pollard and his crew begin a dangerous journey to the Pacific Ocean to find more whales. However, their ship is wrecked by a gigantic sperm whale and they have to survive, adrift in the middle of the open sea with only three small boats and limited food supply.

Honestly, I haven't read Moby Dick (or any classic novels, really) and after discovering that this survival story was real, my mind was blown. I board a ferry ship every year to go to Lampung for Eid and I've been wondering "What if the ship sinks?" since I was a small kid. Watching this movie gave me the chill and goosebumps, but then I remember it's only a narrow strait that I cross every year. There's a very small chance that I would have to be stranded at sea, but the movie is still scary anyway.

My fear set aside, there's nothing much to say about In The Heart Of The Sea. It's really nothing special, aside of a band of casts of handsome bearded dudes (Ben Wishaw!). This is that kind of movies you watch and forget. I'd give it two out of five stars.

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Murders and More Murders: 4 TV Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With

3 Dec 2015

1. Motive
Motive TV Series | Hola Darla
I stumbled across this Canadian TV series while browsing through channels, trying to find CSI or Law and Order. Neither of them was showing, so I decided to give Motive a try. I instantly fell in love with how the story is delivered. In most of the episodes in general crime or detective series, we get to be detectives ourselves and guess who is the killer. Motive, on the other hand, tells us who is the killer and who is the victim right from the beginning of each episode. The story then tells us how the detectives put the clues together to find out who is the killer and what is their motive (hence the title) using a back-and-forth storyline. It's a fresh twist for my thirst for crime/detective series. If you know me, you'd already know that I'm a sucker for murders, blood, and all other detective stuff (Agatha Christie basically 'converted' me when I was 12). I've always been a huge fan of CSI and Law and Order, but Motive has become #1 on my list.

2. Sense8
Sense8 | Hola Darla
My husband introduced me to Sense8 when it was released, but I found that the pilot episode was not interesting. However, I then gave it another try a few weeks later and it turns out to be one of the best sci-fi TV series I've ever seen. The story is about 8 people ('sensates') who have some sort of connections with each other. They can feel, see, taste, and basically sense everything that the others sense. The pilot introduces all those 8 characters and that was the cause of my initial confusion-turned-to-boredom, but starting from episode 2 we get to see deeper stories about each character and my confusion faded away. Sense8 is funny, thrilling, and full of action. You will love this one ;)

3. Dexter
Dexter Season 1 | Hola Darla
One of the perks of watching a TV shows that are no longer airing is you can binge watch all you want without having to wait for newer episodes to air. I watched the final season of Dexter when it was aired on Fox Crime (or AXN?) and I decided to buy the first season DVD. I'm almost done with it now; just 2 more episodes left.

4. Jessica Jones
Marvel's Jessica Jones | Hola Darla
I must admit that I haven't read any JJ comics. I had no idea who she was before watching this series. Well, I still have no idea what her role in the Marvel universe is, but I know that she is badass. Being a huge fan of Veronica Mars, I found Krysten Ritter playing a PI hilarious. My first thought after finding that Jessica Jones has similar neo-noir genre like Veronica Mars was "Look at that. Gina Goodman pretending to be Veronica!" The series itself is quite boring. I think it is too slow-paced. Kilgrave is a promising enemy and his power seems so scary at first, but as the series progresses, Kilgrave's power looks less and less scary. It's a good show, but not good enough to make me want to rewatch the whole season.

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