Being a Wife

Afief & Dara - Blog Miss DaraA few days ago, my husband had a high fever. His temperature was very high that even his palms were hot. I was super worried and I did a bad mistake: googling his symptoms. Google gave two illnesses that matched the symptoms: dengue fever and typhus. Those two illnesses can be very dangerous and the patient may have to be hospitalised. Both can end up in death too. I was shocked and panicked.

I texted my mother in the middle of the night out of frustration. The next morning, she and Dad came to our place and drove us to the nearest clinic. Turned out, my husband only had a cold and common fever. I was thankful but also embarrassed for being panicked.

During our marriage, my husband had fallen ill several times, but he'd never had a fever that high. I couldn't sleep that night. I watched him sleep and my mind wandered and thought of the worst thing possible. He pushed himself too hard on his job. He sits in front of the computer at work all day, and when he comes home he will also sit in front of his laptop up until it's time for bed. Coding is both his job and his hobby, so it's kind of hard to pull him apart from his laptop. Should I drag him into a new hobby? Gardening, perhaps? (According to Red, it's therapeutic. Haha!)

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