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Six years ago, I got into a huge fight with a girl on Facebook. I called her "slut". She was an ex of my (then) boyfriend who wouldn't stop texting him. I was so annoyed by her presence and I got super mad. After several weeks, we started insulting each other on Facebook. When I finally had had enough, I posted that stupid status calling her that horrible, horrible thing. I was 18 back then, on my first semester of uni. I was a stupid teenager and didn't think forward. I regretted it in an instant, but the damage was already done.

Two years later, I tried to apologise to her. I felt I had grown more mature and after carrying the burden of regret for two years, I finally had the courage to apologise. She responded in a cold manner. She said she accepted my apology but I knew for sure I had hurt her too deep. We didn't keep in touch after that.

Until a few days ago, on 18 September (always a surprising day), she added me on LINE. We finally talked after four years. I was surprised yet very happy. The burden of regret was lifted and I can walk a little lighter today. I'm so thankful for her forgiveness and if she were here, I would hug her tightly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"A thousand friends are too few; one enemy is too many."
- Turkish proverb

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