21 Sep 2015

Line Chat | Hola Darla
Six years ago, I got into a huge fight with a girl on Facebook. I called her "slut". She was an ex of my (then) boyfriend who wouldn't stop texting him. I was so annoyed by her presence and I got super mad. After several weeks, we started insulting each other on Facebook. When I finally had had enough, I posted that stupid status calling her that horrible, horrible thing. I was 18 back then, on my first semester of uni. I was a stupid teenager and didn't think forward. I regretted it in an instant, but the damage was already done.

Two years later, I tried to apologise to her. I felt I had grown more mature and after carrying the burden of regret for two years, I finally had the courage to apologise. She responded in a cold manner. She said she accepted my apology but I knew for sure I had hurt her too deep. We didn't keep in touch after that.

Until a few days ago, on 18 September (always a surprising day), she added me on LINE. We finally talked after four years. I was surprised yet very happy. The burden of regret was lifted and I can walk a little lighter today. I'm so thankful for her forgiveness and if she were here, I would hug her tightly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"A thousand friends are too few; one enemy is too many."
- Turkish proverb

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The Age of Adaline

17 Sep 2015

The Age of Adaline movie poster | Hola Darla
The Age of Adaline was released on 24 April, but I just watched it last week. I wasn't very interested at first, as I'm not usually into sappy romance (I'm more of a rom-com lady), but my husband insisted (my husband insisted, can you believe it? Haha!). So I made some popcorn and then we watched it together.

The Age of Adaline is told in a fairy tale-like narration, using a deep male voice as the narrator. It tells a story about Adaline (Blake Lively), who stops ageing after dying in a car crash and then resurrected by a lightning. She stays being 29 years old, even after eight decades have passed her by. She is forced to keep it as a secret after several government institutions want to take her in and turn her into an experiment object. The only person who knows about this secret is his daughter, Flemming (Ellen Burstyn), who at some point grows older than her own mother. Because of this secret, Adaline can't be close to anyone. She has to move and change her identity every decade. For several decades, everything seems to be under control, until she meets Ellis (Michiel Huisman; Cal in Orphan Black!). She is hesitant to open up to Ellis at first, but they grow closer and closer, up to the point where Ellis takes Adaline to his parents' anniversary party. Turns out, Ellis' father (Harrison Ford) is a man with whom Adaline had a relationship a few decades ago. Back then, she left him when she saw that he was going to propose to her. From that moment on, Adaline has to decide what she really wants.
Adaline and William | Hola Darla
While the story itself is not really interesting for me, I really appreciate the casting department of this movie for choosing Anthony Ingruber to play the younger version of Harrison Ford's character, William. You might have read this statement in other blogs and websites, but... Dude! He totally looks like a young Harrison Ford!
Adaline and her dog | Hola Darla
Back to actually talking about the movie: Turns out, it's not a sappy movie (or so I think). Although it's kind of tragic, Adaline's attitude makes it hard for me to be sad for her and/or pity her. I don't know if it's the quality of Blake Lively's acting or the story writing that makes me feel this way. At the end of the movie, I only sympathize Flemming and I'm sad for the old dog. It's a shame because the premise and the trailer were actually good.

I'd give The Age of Adaline 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Oh and favourite quote:
Favourite quote from The Age of Adaline | Hola Darla
Have you seen The Age of Adaline? What do you think about it?

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Jerman Fest 2015 in Bandung

15 Sep 2015

Die Erfindung Der Liebe on German Cinema Jerman Fest 2015 | Hola Darla
Jerman Fest is back again! The annual event was opened with the screening of Metropolis, a classic silent sci-fi movie made in 1927, accompanied by a live orchestra. A few days later German Cinema started. There were nine movies shown in three days free of charge. Afief and I only watched 6 movies, one documentary and five feature films.

Jerman Fest is a festival held by the German government through the Goethe Institute to introduce their culture (particularly arts) to Indonesian people. German has a lot of good movies and I think it's been an honour to be able to watch some of them, thanks to Jerman Fest. It's quite hard to find European movies in Indonesia; Hollywood is very dominant here.

I'm going to write a review for each movie we watched, but in the meantime here are some screengrabs from Auf das Leben, Zeit der Kannibalen, and Als Wir Traumten:
Auf Das Leben on German Cinema Jerman Fest 2015 | Hola Darla
Zeit Der Kannibalen on German Cinema Jerman Fest 2015 | Hola Darla
Als Wir Traumten on German Cinema Jerman Fest 2015 | Hola Darla
See you in the next post! ;)

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Being the First to Get Married among Your BFFs

11 Sep 2015

Being the First to Get Married among Your BFFs | Hola Darla
I used to have this strong belief: "Getting married won't change a thing; having kids will." As long as there were still the two of us (well, three if you count Jess), we would be able to live our lives just like we had done before getting married. The only change is that we live together now.

Alas, that is not always the case. As much as I want to be the same person I was before my wedding day, I've changed. I've changed in more ways than I know.
Being the First to Get Married among Your BFFs | Hola Darla
Being in a group chat with my girls is no longer the same. We used to talk a lot about heartbreaks. We were a bunch of single, independent ladies who had been BFFs since high school. We had shared a lot of relationship's ups and downs. Now that I'm married, I feel like an outsider whenever they talk about heartbreaks. I occasionally have my share of heartbreaks too, but not the same kind as their heartbreaks. I feel odd being the only married person among single ladies.
Being the First to Get Married among Your BFFs | Hola Darla
Friendship feels strange nowadays. I know that friends drift away and it's inevitable, but I never thought that it would happen so clearly before my eyes. Thankfully my husband and I share some friends, so we still get to hang out with them every now and then.

Don't get me wrong. Married life is so, so fun! But it also comes with a price. It's been almost nine months, but there are still a lot to figure out. It's an adventure I won't trade for any other thing :)

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