Change is Hard

Learn to Dress More Modest (Syar'i) | Hola Darla
This Eid, I had this resolution of trying to learn to dress more modest. I've been wearing loose dresses with wider, chest-covering scarves. I must admit that this style is quite inconvenient; muslim women aren't supposed to show their skin except for their face and hands, so it is necessary to cover our arms, and eating with long sleeves is not the most pleasant thing in the world. That, or I just need more time to adapt.

Loose dresses and wider scarves are super comfortable, though. I feel like I'm free to move however I like without the fear of getting anything exposed (like when you wear jeans with small t-shirt and you sit down and half of your buttcrack is showing. Noooooooo!!!)

Change is hard. I still wear pants whenever I feel loose dresses wouldn't be comfortable to be worn to certain places, e.g. traditional markets. But I'm learning each day. And I hope I'm getting better at it.

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