Weekend Links

How are you, friends? I feel like I'm not being myself in the blog lately. My writings feel and look forced, as if I write just to fulfill an obligation. I don't want blogging to become this stressful. I want to go back to fun blogging, like I used to do a few years ago when I wrote everyday basically about what I had been doing that day. Simple as that; like writing a diary, only people from all over the world can read it. Does that make sense? Will my day-to-day rambling be appealing to you? What do you want me to write more, seriously?

And because I'm so caught up in this feeling of wanting to write like the good ol' days, this week's Weekend Links is a collection of my favourite posts on my own blog. Sound narcissistic? Totally! But maybe you can see a different side of me by reading these golden treasure. Haha!
Whoa, I end up listing too many posts! So sorry. But I hope you find your favourite posts too ;)

Have a great weekend!

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