Weekend Links (All About Blogging)

I survived the internet apocalypse! Well, clearly not an apocalypse, but I was so miserable anyway. We finally have our internet back and running, so I can be back to regular blogging and watching cat videos. Yay!

This week has been going on so slow. We took Jess to the vet for the very first time for her very first shot and have done nothing else exciting. We planned on going to Pangandaran Beach which was supposed to be today, but canceled because of a lot of things. But we're going to Keuken #6 tomorrow, so we'll just lay low and relax today.

This week's Weekend Links consist of a lot of blogging topics, because I feel like I need to re-motivate myself in the case of blogging. I've been feeling uninspired lately, maybe due to the lack of internet connection so I haven't read people's blogs too much.

Here ya go!

I need more of these blogging-related tips. Do you have some? Share with me!

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