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It was never my intention to suddenly abandon this blog. I've been feeling so overwhelmed with life lately. I feel like time goes by so fast each day, yet I've accomplished nothing so far. Time management is never my strength, and it's become even worse these past few weeks. With Ramadan and Eid coming, and a new small business in mind, I can barely breathe. I've spent too much time on the road, commuting, and with all these things inside my mind, blogging has to be put aside.

It's a shame; I used to love and enjoy blogging, but now it feels like a chore. Like I am forced to do this. Like if I stop entirely, I fail. I've been seeing a lot of blogs shut down these past years, but I don't want to do that to this blog. I want to keep doing it. I think I need to rethink about the purpose of this blog. Refocus. Rebuild. And by doing so, I hope I can grow both this blog and my own self. Bear with me.
Miss Jess | Hola Darla

PS. Wait for a good news from me later this week ;)

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