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10 May 2015

Hey, there! After having two consecutive long weekends, this weekend seems odd. We went shopping with my mum and my little sister yesterday, and I had a photo session with the teachers of Mata Ilmu Private Course today. The weekend has been fun so far, but very exhausting. Sadly tomorrow is Monday and that means husband's going back to work and I'm going back to job hunting (yes, I'm a job hunter again now!). But next Thursday is a holiday so this week will again be shorter than the others. LOL!

And onto this weekend's links:
  • I've been splurging badly these past few weeks. Need to stop ASAP and do these things instead of spending money.
  • How many times should we be told that we're not actually responsible for other's happiness?
  • Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves. This apology letter to body is a good reminder that this is our body and we only have one and that we should love it.\
  • When I was still teaching English classes in a high school, I used to be guilty of having favourite students. It's kinda hard not to.
  • I loveee reading people's love story (i.e. how they met, how their first date was, how the proposal was, etc. I'm simply a nosy person :p). One of my favourtite singers, Meiko, just got married a couple weeks ago and she shared how she first met her (then future) husband. Super sweet!
  • If you're a blogger, you shouldn't be ashamed of promoting yourself/your blog. Here's why.
  • I was a sponsor of Sara's blog last month and she's hosting a giveaway from me right now. Enter to win a phone case (which I reviewed here)!
How has your weekend been? ;)

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