The Struggle of a Modern Human Being

Modern human basic needs
My friend jokingly said that basic human needs had shifted from "food, shelter, and clothing" to "food, clothing, and internet". "Even homeless people have smartphones," she said. While I will never ever say that having a smartphone is more important than having a place to stay, I agree with her to some extent. I've been having some trouble with my house's internet connection lately and it's not good at all. I need internet :(

I sponsored Sara's blog last month and it has given me tons of traffic (blessed you, Sara!) so it's not really a good time to be MIA, no? Right now I'm writing this post at my parents' house. They installed a wifi connection just a month ago and it's been a connection heaven for me. If only I lived closer. Haha!

So... yeah. I'm just stopping by to tell my new readers that 1) yes, I'm still alive!; 2) I'm fixing this internet problem, so hopefully soon I'll get back to regular blogging; and 3) I really miss catching up with my favourite bloggers. Okay, maybe I'll just stop whining here right now.

See you soon!

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