The Ever-Changing Dreams: Where I'll be in the Next 5 Years (Casa Elana for IHB Blog Post Challenge)

Where I'll be in the Next 5 Years (Casa Elana for IHB Blog Post Challenge)
Oh you know me. I'm a dreamer with a lot of ever-changing dreams. I used to dream of becoming a teacher when I grow up. Then I dreamed about leaving my city behind to live alone in another town. I also had this wild dream of traveling around the world all by myself (oh the thought of being lost in a foreign country!). Then I settled down. I moved out of my parents house to start a new adventure with a guy I love the most. Then my dreams shifted. And I love it.

I once had this (kind of) job interview where the interviewer asked that typical question: "How do you see yourself in the next five years?" I honestly didn't have any idea back then. But I quickly came up with an answer. "In the next five years," I said, "I will have been married. With two kids, perhaps. I can see myself teaching in a junior high or high school. I can also see myself becoming a boss of my own small business." I thought my answer was smart and satisfying, and I'm sure now that the interviewer thought so because I ended up getting said job position.

The funny thing is, my answer to that question is the exact same answer if you ask me right now. The difference is that I'll say it with confidence. So, where will I be in the next five years?

1. I will be a mother of two
Although I still want to postpone having kids right now as there are still some issues I want to solve first, we're planning to start a family in the next year or two. Hopefully, we will have been parents of two kids by 2020. I'm so excited!

2. I will go back into teaching
I know, I know. I've said it many times that I want to be a stay at home mum. But lately I have been feeling empty. I feel like my teaching skills and English skills are deteriorating after four months of not teaching. I'm planning to go back to teaching, but I will manage my teaching schedule so it won't make me too busy to take care of my (future) children.

3. My small business(es) will be bigger and stronger
I already co-own a small business together with Vicky. We've been managing it for almost a year and I'd gladly say that things are going quite good! Right now, I'm also in a talk about rebuilding an old brand of scarves line. If it goes smoothly, I will co-own my second small business. Hopefully, in the next five years both my business can grow bigger and stronger.

4. I will move back to Bandung City (or to another city!)
Just one day after our wedding, my husband and I moved in to a nice little house in Padalarang, West Bandung Regency. It's one hour away from Bandung City (the city where I was born and raised). I actually love it here because it's quiet and peaceful, but if my husband still works for the same company in the next five years, we will want to move back to the city. It will be even better if my husband gets another job in another city because we can start a new adventure in a new place! I've been living in Bandung all my life, so the thought of moving to another city always excites me. Haha

5. I will be a 'bigger' blogger
I must admit that I still have that little dream of being famous because of my blog. I mean, which blogger doesn't? I've put more efforts on this blog and I have seen the results: I have gained several new followers in the past couple months, my blog traffic is higher now, and I constantly get comments on each post. I'm doing baby steps but I'm getting there. I love blogging and the new friendships it brings. Hopefully, I can have more and more blogging friends in the next five years ;)

There will be lots and lots of obstacles in my journey to reach these dreams, I know. But I will try. I will try hard to make them come true. And by writing it here for the world to see, I hope it will give me more motivations to reach them all.

And 2020, I'm ready for ya.


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