What I Wore: Roadtrip Outfit

Roadtrip Outfit
Roadtrip Outfit
When you go on a roadtrip, you'll want to wear something as comfortable as possible. But given the fact that I was going to visit a friend who just got married, I thought it would not be okay to wear t-shirt+jeans (a combo I love the most!), so I pair my old blue jeans with my favourite polka dot shirt (which I wore for my picture on the sidebar) and my favourite grey scarf (which I also wore for said picture :p). These jeans made me look fat, but whatev. It was super comfy!

What I wore:
- Grey scarf | Unbranded | IDR 20k
- Polka dot shirt | Esprit | Thrifted
- Blue jeans | Custome made | IDR 90k
- Sneakers | Converse | My sister's

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