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12 Apr 2015

Weekend links is finally back! This week has been a lot of biting by Jess, thousands of phonecalls from new clients, sneezing + headaches, and many more mischievous. But today Afief and I will join a bunch of friends going on a roadtrip to visit a friend in Bekasi, yay! May got married last week but none of us could come to the reception, so we decided to go there this week instead. Better late than never, we think.

Well... now links!
  • Jacky has some good points on competition in blogging world.
  • Similarly, jealousy in blogging world exists too! Here's how we all can benefit from it.
  • Are you following Anna Kendrick on Instagram? She has been posting pictures of people posing the 'boss pitch' pose in front of Pitch Perfect 2 poster. Turns out, there is a story behind the pose.
  • I'm not really into fashion, because... well let's be honest, I'd rather buy food than clothes. Haha! But if I had all the money in the world, I would take my lazy butt and head to the shop to buy all these stuffs from Sara's latest Inspired By post. The boots. The dresses. Omg!
  • I must admit that I'm a bad book club member. I'm only on page 24 of NovelTea Book Club's book of choice this month, Good Omens. But I really recommend the club to you if you love reading. They're all awesome ladies and most of them are bloggers too. Good place to make new friends ;)
That's it for this week. Have a fun weekend! Also, next week is Orphan Black's season 3 premiere! Who's as excited as I am? ;D

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