Jess Daily (Or What My Cat Does Everyday)

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There's never a dull moment in our house now, thanks to this big purring ball of fur. She wakes us up every morning by meowing loudly in front of our bedroom door. After successfully waking us up, she then waits for us to get up and get out of the bedroom. By the time we walk out the door, she will already lay on her back, exposing her fluffy stomach asking for a rub. She won't stop bugging us before she gets what she wants. Then she will force ask us to open the front door so she can chill in the yard. She will be outside until about 11am, then she will go back inside to take a long nap. She usually wakes up from her nap at 4pm, which is her play time. She likes to play chase with her imaginary kitty friends (seriously; she loves running around the house as if she is chasing or being chased by other kitties) until about 8pm, at which she will start bugging me again.
#JessDaily on Instagram
She also has this habit of jumping to the top of our wardrobe then walk to the door frame via the door. Then she will just stay there, chilling like it's a normal place for a cat to chill. She was small enough to fit on top of the door frame when she did this for the very first time, but she has grown so big that she has to struggle to get a comfortable position there. Usually, she can't get down off that thing by herself, so after a few minutes she will eventually cry for help. Silly cat!
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Here's a bonus video of how she gets to the top of the door frame in case you're curious how she can get there:

Adopting Jess was absolutely the best idea ever!

PS. You can search #jessdaily on Instagram for more pictures and videos of her ;)

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