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Hardcases from Head Case Designs for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
When I was in uni, I had come to realise that I always bought mobile phones of which accessories were not widely available. Remember when you could change your Nokia phone cases to any colour you want? Well, mine was always limited to boring white or boring black. When people could change their cases to transparent cases, I was super jealous. Then I bought a Sony Ericsson. The same thing happened and I was stuck with my boring, factory default case. I gave up, then I put stickers on it then decided to accept it just the way it was.

When the dawn of smartphones came, I bought my very first Android. It was the tiny Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. While everybody was using Samsung with all their fancy, colourful hard cases, I let my dear phone stay naked. I couldn't find a case for it. When I changed it with Sony Xperia Miro, the same thing happened again. I was so tired and fed up, and when I almost gave up, I found Head Case Designs on eBay. I didn't have a Paypal account back then, so I had to pay someone to buy it for me and had them ship it to my address. So for the first time in my life, my phone had a nice, cute hardcase. I was so happy.

I was so in love with the hardcase. I bought another hardcase for my Samsung Ace 3. Although there were various cases I could find in my local shop, I still went back to Head Case Designs because they have super awesome choices. And when I ordered yet another new phone, I also ordered a new hardcase. So in total, I have bought three cases from them. I'm so obsessed!
Hardcase from Head Case Designs for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Scratches on hardcase for Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 from Head Case Designs

I've only had my new case for a week now, but I'm already thinking about order another one or two for my Grand Prime. I am so obsessed! I mean, look at their new line here. Should I buy another one, like, right now?
Hardcase from Head Case Designs for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Head Case Designs. I didn't receive any compensation for writing this post. This post is my honest thoughts about their product and not sponsored by them.

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