A Letter to Everything

Dear husband
Dear husband,
I'm opening this letter with one simple sentence for you: I love you. Those three words are exchanged for a gazillion times but I swear I mean it. I say it with more and more love everytime. This April, you're turning 25 (a quarter of century!) and the same day will mark our third year of saying 'I love you's. And I'm so very super glad to be able to call you 'my husband' this year. I love you (for the umpteenth time).

Dear Jess
Dear Jess,
You're fluffy and hyperactive and amazingly annoying and annoyingly amazing. Can you please lessen your nap time and spend the day cuddling and playing catch with me instead? I told my husband that I needed a cat to keep me company during the lonesome days when I was home and he was at work, but you're not helping at all! No, just kidding. You're entertaining even when you're asleep. I love your tail, baby.

Dear skin
Dear skin,
I'm 23 and a half this month, so can we break up with the breakout already? It was fine during my teenage years because although my friends had flawless skins and I was the only pimpled-faced kid in high school, I accepted it because that was normal during puberty. But I'm an adult now! I want to wear make up without pimples making my eyebrows look ridiculously uneven (what pimples pop out on eyebrows, anyway?). Please?

Dear April
Dear April,
I have high hopes for you. I must say that I miss sunny days when the skies are blue and cloudless. I miss those days when I can do my laundry and hang it out and then go nap-nap without worrying if it will rain. Please bring the sun out, April. I'm counting on you.

Dear readers,
We're having a long weekend for Easter here in Indonesia. I stay at home to avoid the traffic. (Trust me. The roads practically become parking lots because the vehicles are not moving. At all.) But I'm going to spend these days cuddling with my husband and my cat and also finishing Veronica Mars #2, so Weekend Links won't be up this weekend. It will be back next week. I hope your weekend is as relaxing as mine (if not more).

PS. I've created a new Facebook page for this blog. Give a girl a like? ;)

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