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29 Mar 2015

It's Sunday night here in Indonesia, so it means the weekend almost ends. But at least it's still weekend, so here is my Weekend Links post! My mum went to Palembang earlier this week, so I was in Bandung mostly this week, staying at my parents' house and taking care of my little sister while mum was away. And on Saturday, Afief and I did a major cleaning in our house because my dad's family was coming on Sunday (or today). Nothing can beat our laziness like a news from a relative saying "We're coming to your place tomorrow", right? Haha! So we're suuuuuuuuuperrr tired tonight, but the brighter side is that our office space is (mostly) done at last. I have a reading corner with a lot of light now. Yay! Perhaps someday I will post a home tour, how about that?

Enough rambling, now links!
  • Have you ever tried seeing things from another point of views, like how Sauron is awesome because he creates millions of jobs?
  • I hate vegetables, especially the green ones. The only exception is broccoli. And this recipe looks awesome so I may try it someday (with less vegetables. Haha!)
  • Cat shares several tips so that you will never run out of blog post ideas. They're so helpful!
  • I must admit that I'm a sucker for Instagram. I really love looking at my feed and seeing beautiful photos that people share. The cat hashtags are my absolute favourite. That's why I think this "Catstacam" is the most important invention of this century.
  • I stumbled upon Laura's blog and I really like it! Do you read her blog too? If not, this post about ways to grow your confidence is a good starter.
  • I downloaded a copy of Veronica Mars #2 Mr. Kiss and Tell a few weeks ago and yet I'm still on page 23. But I love it so far! Can't wait to read more about Veronica and Logan. (I'm shipping LoVe since the beginning. Super glad to see they're back together!)
Did you have fun this weekend?

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