Thoughts on Marvel's Agent Carter Season Finale

Marvel's Agent Carter Old School Poster
Whoa, what a show!

Have you watched the finale yet? Oh man, that last episode gave me lotsa feels. I laughed when Agent Sousa woke up after a little incident at the movie theatre coughing and still wanting to kill Agent Thompson, but "no more than usual." (It's these little jokes that make me love all things Marvel. Jokes even at the darkest situations.) I got excited when it was Peggy versus Dottie scene (or the Battle of Well-Styled Haired Ladies.) I went "Awwwww..." when Mr Jarvis said his goodbye to Peggy. All is well in the end, but where the hell has Dottie gone? And the last scene revealed that Dr Fenhoff is one of the people behind Hydra's yet another growing head because he is put into the same jail cell with... someone particular (I don't understand why they put him in the same cell with this person.)
Marvel's Agent Carter Season Finale Screencaps
I had super high expectations when Marvel and ABC announced that this show was a go. And you know what? The whole season was a blast! I love the story, the outfits, the characters (even Agent Thompson), the cars, and everything. The Mary Sue has reported that the showrunner wants season 2, but it's still a "maybe". But I'm sure if we all crossed our fingers and pray hard (combined with the good ratings), we will see more of Peggy Carter on our televisions (or computers if you stream it).

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