I'm keeping this blog.

Look at this Clothes Mountain I should be ironing and yet here I am blogging instead
Man, I miss blogging. And by 'blogging', I mean like 2011 blogging: consistent and regular, with the words as if they were flowing like a river out from my brain. Yesterday I read my old posts and I couldn't recognise the person who wrote them. Was it really me? Because it didn't feel like reading my own writing; it was like somebody else's.

When I quit teaching and decided to work from home, I thought I'd have time to be back to regular blogging (like I had promised for a gazillion times). But no, friends. I've been busier than I have ever imagined. Being a stay at home wife is not always rainbows and butterflies; it's also dishes and laundry and groceries and errands. Blogging can't be a priority right now. But I'm also too much in love to quit it for good. So here I am, making yet another promise:
I'm keeping this blog.
I will try my best to post once a week, at the very least.
I don't even care if nobody reads it:
I'm keeping this blog.

I have tons of stuffs I want to tell you all, like our wedding (or weddings, 'cause we had two receptions), our honeymoon, our very first ferry boat ride together, our house, and Miss Molly. And I will.

Oh I will.

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