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This post is going to be brutally honest and a bit selfish. Let's be adult by not fishing for arguments. You are very welcome to state your own opinion, but please respect my belief and my privacy by not stating it as if you are judging me. Thanks :)

I have come to the point where I got so sick of people approaching me and asking me if I have my period late yet. In my society, married couples are expected to be expecting as soon after the wedding reception ends. Yes, literally like that. People will come to your wedding to congratulate you and to talk to your face how you should get pregnant as soon as possible. For my people, that's what marriage is for: to produce offsprings.

When people found out that I decided to start taking birth control pills, they flipped out. They went cray-cray. They questioned why I didn't want to have kids rightaway; one best friend even asked "Then why the hell did you get married?"


I'm young. I'm crazy in love with a guy. I'm head over heels. Of course when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. Why? Because I wanted to marry him. We were both in love and things were looking up, so why wait?

You see... to me, being ready to become a wife doesn't necessarily mean that you are ready to become a mother. Hell, I can't even take care of myself and a grown man that is my husband, how on earth can I take care of a tiny human who is completely dependent for its first years? I can't imagine what my baby would grow up to be if I decided to get pregnant now. Having kids is a lifetime contract and there are responsibilities. You can't just give them up when you find that you can't do this. They're not pets. No, I'm not ready yet.

I want my own kids, of course. We have plans to have (at least) three kids in the future. But as for now, there's still a lot to learn. And instead of rubbing my belly as if it were a magic lamp and hoping for a baby genie to pop out of it, I think it would be better if you just keep us on your prayers that we will have our kids as soon as we're ready.

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