A New Family Member: Jess

I had been lonely since Miss Molly passed away. There were moments when I randomly burst to tears and cried for half an hour. After several weeks considering, we finally decided to adopt a new cat. We rescued this stray tabby female cat from my mum's neighbourhood on Wednesday. We named her Jess, but we call her GoJess (like cheering her up: Go, Jess! Go, Jess!) The inspiration behind the name was, of course, Jess of New Girl. Why? Because she has quite long hair for a local cat and it reminds me of Zooey Deschanel's hair (LOL. Can you believe it?)

She's a little bit naughty and very active. At night, she likes to run around the house as if she's chasing something that can't be seen by us. (Yes, the thought of ghost has occured several times on our heads, but we've decided to ignore that thought.) At day, however, she likes to take a long, long nap. Like, all day.

If you think that we've forgotten about Molly since it took us less than a month to get another cat... No, we have not forgotten about her. I still love her very much. But, I think perhaps it would be better to channel all the love to another cat in need rather than crying myself to sleep every night. I buried Miss Molly under a window at my house and it has become my habit to look at it everytime I open/close the window. I still love Miss Molly very much, but I'd like to focus on moving on with Jess. Molly will always have a part in my heart.

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