Weekend Links

28 Feb 2015

Weekend Links is back! I'm trying to make it regular, guys, I swear. But my life has been so irregular so my blog has to follow suit. Please don't get bored of me promising regularity just yet.

So, how's your weekend so far? Afief and I spent this Saturday at home. We were supposed to go to Bandung to attend a competition, but we were too lazy because Bandung seems so much farther in weekends with all the traffic jam. So we stayed home, except for this afternoon when we went grocery shopping.

And links! Here they are:
  • Do you love Agent Peggy Carter as much as I do? Then you'll absolutely love Sara's outfit inspiration post inspired by, well, Agent Carter.
  • And while we're still at it, you might want to watch this video of Agent Carter's costume designer talking about her (literally kick-ass) dresses.
  • I still won't shut up about Marvel's television series (sorry not sorry), so here's a teaser for the upcoming continuation of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While I'm sad Agent Carter ended this week, I'm also excited for next week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Because, you know... Phil Coulson's chin.
  • I know y'all like links list like this post, so I'm giving you a link to a links list (links list-ception!)
  • I found this old post of how to keep yourself sane stay organised as a busy college girl that I loved very much when I was still in uni. Finding this makes me miss those crazy days when I was caught up in between chapter reports and essays.
  • I made a no-scale pizza last month. Have you tried baking anything without using kitchen scale? Share the recipe with me! (I still don't have a kitchen scale, so I'm craving for more recipes that use no kitchen scale. Bonus point if they don't use a mixer, too. Haha!)

Thoughts on Marvel's Agent Carter Season Finale

26 Feb 2015

Marvel's Agent Carter Old School Poster
Whoa, what a show!

Have you watched the finale yet? Oh man, that last episode gave me lotsa feels. I laughed when Agent Sousa woke up after a little incident at the movie theatre coughing and still wanting to kill Agent Thompson, but "no more than usual." (It's these little jokes that make me love all things Marvel. Jokes even at the darkest situations.) I got excited when it was Peggy versus Dottie scene (or the Battle of Well-Styled Haired Ladies.) I went "Awwwww..." when Mr Jarvis said his goodbye to Peggy. All is well in the end, but where the hell has Dottie gone? And the last scene revealed that Dr Fenhoff is one of the people behind Hydra's yet another growing head because he is put into the same jail cell with... someone particular (I don't understand why they put him in the same cell with this person.)
Marvel's Agent Carter Season Finale Screencaps
I had super high expectations when Marvel and ABC announced that this show was a go. And you know what? The whole season was a blast! I love the story, the outfits, the characters (even Agent Thompson), the cars, and everything. The Mary Sue has reported that the showrunner wants season 2, but it's still a "maybe". But I'm sure if we all crossed our fingers and pray hard (combined with the good ratings), we will see more of Peggy Carter on our televisions (or computers if you stream it).

Badass poster via; season finale screencaps are from.

A New Family Member: Jess

23 Feb 2015

I had been lonely since Miss Molly passed away. There were moments when I randomly burst to tears and cried for half an hour. After several weeks considering, we finally decided to adopt a new cat. We rescued this stray tabby female cat from my mum's neighbourhood on Wednesday. We named her Jess, but we call her GoJess (like cheering her up: Go, Jess! Go, Jess!) The inspiration behind the name was, of course, Jess of New Girl. Why? Because she has quite long hair for a local cat and it reminds me of Zooey Deschanel's hair (LOL. Can you believe it?)

She's a little bit naughty and very active. At night, she likes to run around the house as if she's chasing something that can't be seen by us. (Yes, the thought of ghost has occured several times on our heads, but we've decided to ignore that thought.) At day, however, she likes to take a long, long nap. Like, all day.

If you think that we've forgotten about Molly since it took us less than a month to get another cat... No, we have not forgotten about her. I still love her very much. But, I think perhaps it would be better to channel all the love to another cat in need rather than crying myself to sleep every night. I buried Miss Molly under a window at my house and it has become my habit to look at it everytime I open/close the window. I still love Miss Molly very much, but I'd like to focus on moving on with Jess. Molly will always have a part in my heart.

Here's the thing...

12 Feb 2015

This post is going to be brutally honest and a bit selfish. Let's be adult by not fishing for arguments. You are very welcome to state your own opinion, but please respect my belief and my privacy by not stating it as if you are judging me. Thanks :)

I have come to the point where I got so sick of people approaching me and asking me if I have my period late yet. In my society, married couples are expected to be expecting as soon after the wedding reception ends. Yes, literally like that. People will come to your wedding to congratulate you and to talk to your face how you should get pregnant as soon as possible. For my people, that's what marriage is for: to produce offsprings.

When people found out that I decided to start taking birth control pills, they flipped out. They went cray-cray. They questioned why I didn't want to have kids rightaway; one best friend even asked "Then why the hell did you get married?"


I'm young. I'm crazy in love with a guy. I'm head over heels. Of course when he asked me to marry him, I said yes. Why? Because I wanted to marry him. We were both in love and things were looking up, so why wait?

You see... to me, being ready to become a wife doesn't necessarily mean that you are ready to become a mother. Hell, I can't even take care of myself and a grown man that is my husband, how on earth can I take care of a tiny human who is completely dependent for its first years? I can't imagine what my baby would grow up to be if I decided to get pregnant now. Having kids is a lifetime contract and there are responsibilities. You can't just give them up when you find that you can't do this. They're not pets. No, I'm not ready yet.

I want my own kids, of course. We have plans to have (at least) three kids in the future. But as for now, there's still a lot to learn. And instead of rubbing my belly as if it were a magic lamp and hoping for a baby genie to pop out of it, I think it would be better if you just keep us on your prayers that we will have our kids as soon as we're ready.

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Midday at Alun-Alun Bandung

9 Feb 2015

When we were still dating, we spent our Saturdays by going out anywhere we could think of. We only had one day to spend together before the night fell and Afief had to drive me home safe & sound before my curfew, so we almost always left my house early in the morning and spent the whole day jumping from one place to another.

But now that we're married, we can spend our weekends doing whatever we like. No more curfew and no more angry parents if I come home late (that's one of the many benefits of being married :p). We can cuddle all day, or we can go on a roadtrip to another city (just like last week). There's a washback, though. Like for last Saturday, we had no idea what to do. We wanted to go out, but we didn't know where to. When it was already 11am, we decided to go to Alun-Alun Bandung (Bandung's City Plaza). Recently, the mayor reconstructed it and made some significant changes to the plaza, i.e. putting on a huge synthetic grass there so the people can go picnic there or just sitting around. We hadn't seen the plaza after the reconstruction, so it was a good idea to go there.

We only spent like one hour there because it was so sunny and so hot. But when we we decided to go to Ciwalk to play Pump It Up, the sky suddenly became dark and a storm hit the city. The wind was scary and it made me thankful that we had already left the plaza, or else we would be soaking wet and cold. We made it home safely, though, as the storm only occured for about one hour. The storm set aside, the day was super fun ;)

On a different note, you might have noticed that the pictures on this blog have worse quality lately. I gave my DSLR to my little sister, so I rely solely on my phone camera. So sorry for the inconvenience; I know they hurt your eyes. I'm saving for a new pocket camera, but have yet to decide what type I'm going to buy. Do you have any suggestion? Hit me up on the comment section or mention me on Twitter (@DarlaOct).

See you guys around!

Taman Bunga Nusantara

5 Feb 2015

The weather has been really confusing here lately. Some days the sun would shine throughout the day; some other days it would rain nonstop. We were unsure about whether to go out for the weekend or not, but when Saturday morning was sunny, we decided to go to Taman Bunga Nusantara which we thought were not too far away from our house. We left the house at about 11am. Turned out, the place was not as near as we thought. It was already 2pm when we arrived, and the sky was already gray. Uh oh...

Lucky for us, we had been there for about 3 hours when it started raining. So we had enough time to snap some pictures and enjoy the gardens. Since it was cloudy, there were not too many people. It was quiet and peaceful. It felt like we had the gardens for ourselves. Hahah

We spent the afternoon taking selfies with our phones, that we forgot to take pictures of the gardens. Haha... So sorry if this post is filled with our faces only. Maybe someday we'll go back there and I'll do full review of the place. Let's just take this post as my humble brag of being married and free to go anywhere with the man I love :p

I'm keeping this blog.

2 Feb 2015

Look at this Clothes Mountain I should be ironing and yet here I am blogging instead
Man, I miss blogging. And by 'blogging', I mean like 2011 blogging: consistent and regular, with the words as if they were flowing like a river out from my brain. Yesterday I read my old posts and I couldn't recognise the person who wrote them. Was it really me? Because it didn't feel like reading my own writing; it was like somebody else's.

When I quit teaching and decided to work from home, I thought I'd have time to be back to regular blogging (like I had promised for a gazillion times). But no, friends. I've been busier than I have ever imagined. Being a stay at home wife is not always rainbows and butterflies; it's also dishes and laundry and groceries and errands. Blogging can't be a priority right now. But I'm also too much in love to quit it for good. So here I am, making yet another promise:
I'm keeping this blog.
I will try my best to post once a week, at the very least.
I don't even care if nobody reads it:
I'm keeping this blog.

I have tons of stuffs I want to tell you all, like our wedding (or weddings, 'cause we had two receptions), our honeymoon, our very first ferry boat ride together, our house, and Miss Molly. And I will.

Oh I will.