Seven Days Until The Big Day

There are only seven days left until I get to marry this wonderful guy. Where did the time go? I mean, seriously; it really felt like we got engaged last week, then BOOM! It's 20 December already.

I'm sorry it's been really quiet here in this little blog. These past two months have been so hectic. I might have not tell you, but we don't use a wedding organiser. My mum is basically the only one who organises everything, from the catering to the make up artist to the venue. Well perhaps except for the invitation letter. Afief designed it using an illustration made by our friend, Citra. (Fun fact about the illustration: I originally asked Citra to draw a picture of us for our blog, Tuan + Nona. But it turned out to be too cute to be used as a header, so I kept it for our wedding invitation later. We hadn't got engaged yet by that time, but still... :p)

Now that it's only one week away, I'm so glad I can say that everything is ready. I only have to sit back and relax send out several wedding invitations left. I hope everything will be okay and go according to the plan :)