Saying Good Bye

Changes are inevitable. People come and go. That's how life goes, right?

Last week of November was also my last week teaching in this high school. With the wedding on the way (it is this month, OMG!) and the semester coming to an end, the time for me to leave is also getting closer. This week is finals week. I still have to go to school to write students' reports and do other stuffs. I will leave permanently next week.

It's not easy to leave the students I've only been teaching for less than five months. I've grown close to most of them. They are very nice. Sure, there are several students with extraordinary behaviour, but deep inside my heart, I love each and all of them. They are funny; some are also silly, asking questions like "Ma'am, what is 'sunset' in English?" I tried to look tough as if leaving them wouldn't make me sad, but to think that I'll never get to stand in front of them and make them confused with all those grammar rules breaks my heart a little.

But as much as I want to stay and keep being their teacher, I really have to go. I'm going to move one and a half hour away and I won't survive the everyday commute if I teach there. I hope my decision to resign is the best way.

So as for now, we have to bid each other good bye.

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