Mata Ilmu Teachers' Playground

What makes a good company? I think the answer is happy employees. When the employees are happy with their working environment and/or workmates, they will resonance a positive vibe and their performance will become better. Our company, Mata Ilmu, overs tutoring services, so we really need that positive vibe and good performance from our employees (aka tutors). For that reason, we held an outing yesterday morning. It was called "Teachers' Playground". Even though only few people showed up, the event was super fun! We had several games, like photo hunt, the Thumbs Up game, the Put Your Hands Up game, fast typing game, and quiz.

We chose The Town Hall Park as the venue. We felt that an open public space was more suitable for an outing rather than to go to a specific outing venue. Lucky us, it was cloudy but didn't rain during the event. The Park was not too crowded, which made it more convenient for us.

It was so fun and full of laughters. We hadn't had an outing since June (which was our annual gathering). Yesterday's event made me realised how much I had missed hanging out with them. We're trying to create more similar events like this rather than a simple monthly meeting that we usually have. We hope that there will be more tutors who come to our next event ;)

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