Before Our Vow

26 Dec 2014

Dear Afief,
It feels so weird. In less than 24 hours, I'm going to start a new life with someone I've just known for 3 years. I had this realisation a few days ago, and it made me cry myself to sleep, resulting in a pair of puffy eyes in the morning. But isn't it weird, though?

I met you in the middle of 2011 and now at the end of 2014, I'm marrying you. I'm devoting myself to you. After what felt like one hell of a year, and another year which turned out to be great for the both of us, we're getting married. Eventually. This is a big leap. A lot of people were surprised when I told them that we were engaged; they were more surprised to know that we'd only be engaged for 4 months before officially tying the knot. I, too, feel like I'm still too young to get married every now and then. But I guess it is what it should be. All the things have led us here in this path. Now, I'm ready.

But the fact remains: we're still very young. I'm still stubborn. I really hope we can make it through our first year, second year, and all the years to come.

So darling, let's do this.

Seven Days Until The Big Day

20 Dec 2014

There are only seven days left until I get to marry this wonderful guy. Where did the time go? I mean, seriously; it really felt like we got engaged last week, then BOOM! It's 20 December already.

I'm sorry it's been really quiet here in this little blog. These past two months have been so hectic. I might have not tell you, but we don't use a wedding organiser. My mum is basically the only one who organises everything, from the catering to the make up artist to the venue. Well perhaps except for the invitation letter. Afief designed it using an illustration made by our friend, Citra. (Fun fact about the illustration: I originally asked Citra to draw a picture of us for our blog, Tuan + Nona. But it turned out to be too cute to be used as a header, so I kept it for our wedding invitation later. We hadn't got engaged yet by that time, but still... :p)

Now that it's only one week away, I'm so glad I can say that everything is ready. I only have to sit back and relax send out several wedding invitations left. I hope everything will be okay and go according to the plan :)

Mata Ilmu Teachers' Playground

8 Dec 2014

What makes a good company? I think the answer is happy employees. When the employees are happy with their working environment and/or workmates, they will resonance a positive vibe and their performance will become better. Our company, Mata Ilmu, overs tutoring services, so we really need that positive vibe and good performance from our employees (aka tutors). For that reason, we held an outing yesterday morning. It was called "Teachers' Playground". Even though only few people showed up, the event was super fun! We had several games, like photo hunt, the Thumbs Up game, the Put Your Hands Up game, fast typing game, and quiz.

We chose The Town Hall Park as the venue. We felt that an open public space was more suitable for an outing rather than to go to a specific outing venue. Lucky us, it was cloudy but didn't rain during the event. The Park was not too crowded, which made it more convenient for us.

It was so fun and full of laughters. We hadn't had an outing since June (which was our annual gathering). Yesterday's event made me realised how much I had missed hanging out with them. We're trying to create more similar events like this rather than a simple monthly meeting that we usually have. We hope that there will be more tutors who come to our next event ;)

Diana's Wedding

5 Dec 2014

Last Sunday was Diana's wedding day! I'm so happy for her because I know her relationship history with several guys that's gone wrong. Haha... I'm so glad she finally settled down with someone she loves so much. Congratulations, honeybee!

Saying Good Bye

2 Dec 2014

Changes are inevitable. People come and go. That's how life goes, right?

Last week of November was also my last week teaching in this high school. With the wedding on the way (it is this month, OMG!) and the semester coming to an end, the time for me to leave is also getting closer. This week is finals week. I still have to go to school to write students' reports and do other stuffs. I will leave permanently next week.

It's not easy to leave the students I've only been teaching for less than five months. I've grown close to most of them. They are very nice. Sure, there are several students with extraordinary behaviour, but deep inside my heart, I love each and all of them. They are funny; some are also silly, asking questions like "Ma'am, what is 'sunset' in English?" I tried to look tough as if leaving them wouldn't make me sad, but to think that I'll never get to stand in front of them and make them confused with all those grammar rules breaks my heart a little.

But as much as I want to stay and keep being their teacher, I really have to go. I'm going to move one and a half hour away and I won't survive the everyday commute if I teach there. I hope my decision to resign is the best way.

So as for now, we have to bid each other good bye.