Tune In Thursday #2

I'm so glad Tune In Thursday is back! I rarely listen to any new music. I only listen to old songs (like Five For Fighting's 100 Years and Outkast's Hey Ya. SUPER old!). So when I tried and listened to 5 Seconds of Summer's debut album and liked it, I figured that Tune In Thursday should make another appearance.

Listening to 5 Seconds of Summer gets my old memories back. I feel like a teenager all over again. (All this wedding planning has made me feel way older than I really am.) They have this pop rock sound that reminds me of the old Boys Like Girls and McFly. I think the world needs more of this genre. All those so called "pop" songs about sex and booties are getting boring. Gimme more pop rocks!

Anyway, here are my two favourite songs from their self titled debut album. Do you like them too?

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