At first, I didn't plan to watch this movie at the cinema. I did want to watch it, but I intended to wait for the movie to be available for download. But the buy 1 get 1 free ticket promo by my debit card provider was too good to resist, so last Saturday A and I watched it.

This movie is about a post-apocalyptic Earth where the atmosphere is no longer good for living things. Animals are all already wiped out, and people can only grow corn. The United States have collapsed into poverty. The main character was Cooper, a widowed man with two kids. He was a NASA pilot, but he became a farmer after an incident. Cooper and his daughter, Murph, are very close. Murph constantly tells him about the "ghost" in her room which knocks down some books and other things off the shelf every now and then. At first Cooper doesn't really pay attention to it, but one day, the "ghost" leaves a string of binary code in the form of dust trails that turns out to be a coordinate for the new NASA headquarter. One thing leads to another, and Cooper is sent to an interstellar mission to search for another inhabitable planet for the sake of the humankind.

I must admit that I don't really understand space science, so it was kinda hard for me to fully grasp the theories presented in the movie about wormhole, black hole, the time differences, etc. I got out of the cinema with a headache due to that fact. There were also a lot of spinning in the scenes plus bright lights. My head couldn't take that much pressure all at once, so I needed to stop myself from puking. Yes, it was that bad for me.

But in the big picture, this movie isn't so bad at all. The idea of exploring the universe and searching for another planet for us to live in is so interesting. I've always wondered if there are other planets with living things out there since I was a kid. My 12-year-old self would love watching Interstellar. Plus, there isn't any sexual scene in this movie, so it's actually appropriate for kids who are curious about space, stars, planets, and such.

It is, however, a little bit slow and boring at the beginning. I almost fell asleep three times during the first 30 minutes. There are several scenes which are not important and can actually be cut off from the movie (like the one when Cooper and his kids drive through a corn field chasing a drone). However, just like other movies by Christopher Nolan i.e. The Dark Night trilogy, it gets better and the end is quite satisfying.

My last words are: you'd like it.

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