Big Hero 6 + Mockingjay Part I

November is a big month for movie goers like us. After Rurouni Kenshin and Interstellar, we got the chance to watch Big Hero 6 and Mockingjay Part I in less than one week, I was so excited for both of the movies, because Big Hero 6 is the first Marvel-Disney animated movie (it's Marvel, duh!) and because the Hunger Games series played a big role in our relationship. We didn't see Big Hero 6 on its premiere, but we did see Mockingjay on its first showing day (which was one day earlier than in the US).

Big Hero 6 is a very heart-warming movie. The story is about a genius teenage boy, Hiro, who befriends his  deceased brother's robot called Baymax. Baymax was originally designed to be some kind of a personal health care assistant, but Hiro, fueled with anger and vengeance over his brother's death, turns it into a fighting robot. Along with four other friends, they team up and chase after the bad guy. It's that kind of movie that makes you go all teary but not in the Toy Story 3's kind of way (I ugly cried!). It still has Marvel's touch of humour, though. So it's not all sappy. I'm sure you'd want to see this movie. Go take your little siblings or cousins or nieces and nephews, while it's still showing! And since it's a Marvel movie, don't forget to be patient and stay for a while to see the hilarious post credit scene ;)

Mockingjay Part I is kind of meh; or so I think. I remember when I watched the first part of Deathly Hallows, I couldn't wait for the following year to see the last part. The same goes with The Hobbits series (it's next month, you guys!). But with Mockingjay, I didn't feel the same excitement when the credit started rolling. Maybe it's mainly because the book itself is actually pretty short, so splitting the story into two movies seems unnecessary. The first movie becomes stretched, and there are several unimportant scenes added; scenes that made me go like "Huh, so what?". But then again, I may not give the movie a fair credit, since Mockingjay is my least favourite book among the other two. One thing that I love from this movie, though, is the fact that they brought back Effie and placed her in District 13. She's a sight to see. Also, I like the casting for President Coin and Cressida.

So, there's that. Next month will be great too, since there will be Stay With Me Doraemon and The Battle of Five Armies. Come on, December!

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