Weekend Links

5 Oct 2014

This week I've been feeling lazier than usual. I've postponed a lot of things, especially school related stuffs (like grading my students' tests). And that is why this weekend links consist only five links. Sorry. But here they are:
  • Have you seen this post I reblogged to my Tumblr? It's hilarious!
  • I did myself a huge favour and downloaded the first issue of the new Thor. I personally think it's promising. So does this article.
  • I saw Annabelle yesterday and it wiped out all my dreams of living in an apartment. But Kaylah brings them back by sharing her apartment's living room in her blog.
  • Kaelah has the best mug collection ever. She inspires me to start my own collection as soon as I get my own kitchen (in less than 100 days!)
  • Chelsea just beat Arsenal 2-0 in the London derby. This also happened.
Have a happy weekend!

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