Whoops! Look at me missing a whole week of blogging. Really, I'm trying to get back to regular blogging like I used to do back in 2011, but it's just so, so hard. Life happens, but no interesting thing shows up; nothing to blog about. So I guess I've grown up to be a boring, lame adult who never has fun and just work work work for the job she doesn't really like. *sigh*

But, BUT, rambling set aside, my fiance and I did a little photo session for our save the date. We chose to have it at the very first place we met: our university, or the Partere Park to be precise. We went back to the exact same spot where we first introduced ourselves to each other. Although I actually wrote a blog post when we first met, I haven't really told the story of how we met (like met met, not met met--get it? Haha). It was kind of funny. Everytime I look back, I always smile and think "Oh how I wouldn't have even thought about marrying that skinny boy!" (he was skinny). Maybe I'll just save the story for later, eh?

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

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