28 Sep 2014

Whoops! Look at me missing a whole week of blogging. Really, I'm trying to get back to regular blogging like I used to do back in 2011, but it's just so, so hard. Life happens, but no interesting thing shows up; nothing to blog about. So I guess I've grown up to be a boring, lame adult who never has fun and just work work work for the job she doesn't really like. *sigh*

But, BUT, rambling set aside, my fiance and I did a little photo session for our save the date. We chose to have it at the very first place we met: our university, or the Partere Park to be precise. We went back to the exact same spot where we first introduced ourselves to each other. Although I actually wrote a blog post when we first met, I haven't really told the story of how we met (like met met, not met met--get it? Haha). It was kind of funny. Everytime I look back, I always smile and think "Oh how I wouldn't have even thought about marrying that skinny boy!" (he was skinny). Maybe I'll just save the story for later, eh?

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

Bridezilla Diary #1

23 Sep 2014

I'm very lucky. My wedding planning goes smoothly without any trouble so far. We already set a date, booked the venue plus the wedding singer (in one package), and ordered the food and beverages. We only need to fix our guest list and then choose the dress. I can't be measured for my dress yet, because I've just hit my lowest number on the scale. I'm 46 kg. This is my lightest weight since junior high. I need to gain at least 3 kg. I have to eat more.

A and I have been busy. We haven't had the chance to have out engagement photos taken. Hopefully we can do it ASAP so we can make a save the date announcement. I'm so excited!

Weekend Links

20 Sep 2014

This week, I had three days off (not including Sunday). Too bad I got sick on Sunday and spent said days off staying home. But, hey! At least I got to stay home and I got the internet back after being down for a few days last week, so I managed to collect several links to share with you. Hopefully I can make this post a regular. I'm not good at posting weekly posts (I failed miserably several times), but I'm going to alternate between links post and quote post every week. I hope I can make it this time ;)

Here you go:


19 Sep 2014

This post has been sitting on my draft folder for months now. I'm posting it today because I've been thinking of confessing. I have a big secret. I still don't have the guts to confess, but someday I will say it. I will tell the world.

I've been following Blogsecret and reading PostSecret for months now. I keep seeing secrets on my Tumblr dashboard every time I log in. Sometimes it's kinda comforting to see people's secrets and some that we can relate to. It's nice to know that we're not in this alone. There are people in the world, and right now another soul is being born. Among those people, there are some who feel exactly what we're feeling right now. I'm quite sure about that.

Not long ago, one friend came out of the closet. And yesterday, another one did the same. Their statements somehow had initiated a thought in my mind: How many people around me are actually keeping a big secret?

How many of them are not what they seem to be?
How many of them are pretending just to make their surroundings happy?
How many of them are acting like someone that the society expects?
How many of them are gay?
How many of them are atheist?
How many of them are no longer a virgin?

They exist. They're around us, those people with their eyes screaming to be heard. I wonder how many people I know are keeping a big secret.

And I can't help but wonder, too, if I'm actually keeping a big secret myself.

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Tune In Thursday

18 Sep 2014

I've just recently discovered New Politics (I'm always late in almost everything!) and now I'm super obsessed with this band. New Politics is a Danish dance-rock band. While this is usually not my genre, I am so much in love with their single entitled "Tonight You're Perfect" from their latest album. Another favourite is "Stuck On You" from the same album. Here they are:

So, are you guys into New Politics too? Any other band I should start listening to?

Our Engagement Story

16 Sep 2014

The first time we talked about getting married was one year ago. It was in the evening, in the middle of the road in Kopo. We were heading home from a friend's house. I don't remember what we were talking about before that topic came up. He told me he wanted to marry me in 2014. I told my mum what he told me, much to her surprise. She said that we were too young. I didn't talk about that topic again.

Fast forward. It was July 2014. We were both in Lampung, just in different cities. We were texting and I jokingly asked "So, when are you going to propose?" I wasn't expecting a direct answer, but he replied with "After Eid." He then told me that he was going to propose in late August. I didn't have the guts to tell my parents. I forced myself to tell my mum, in hopes that she would tell my dad. Well, she didn't. In our culture, when a man wants to marry a woman, he has to ask her father's approval. I told A that I was too scared to tell my dad. A decided to tell him himself. So that was exactly what A did.

He came to my house right after he arrived in Bandung after the Eid. He told my parents that he was going to bring his parents to my house to propose to me. My dad, being the kindest man that he is, gave us his blessings and gladly invited A's family to come. Three weeks later, A came to my house again. This time, he brought along his father and uncle.

It was not a big ceremony. There was just a talk between the two families, and then he asked me the big question. I said yes. He put the ring on my finger. After that, we were given a lot of advices about married life and marriage in general. Then we have lunch together and it's a wrap.

There wasn't any surprises. No fancy restaurant. No maracas band hiding in the bush. No lake picnic. Not even getting on one knee and holding out the ring while asking "Would you marry me?". No such things. It was just a simple, traditional engagement party (can we call it a "party"? Technically?) but the whole thing was so precious. I still remember the anxiety, the excitement when I was waiting for A and his family to arrive. I can't believe that it happened more than 3 weeks ago because I still remember it like it was just yesterday!

How I Combine My Love of English and Internet to Earn Money Online

15 Sep 2014

I miss regular blogging. I've had a lot of things in mind: wedding planning, house hunting, seserahan shopping, et cetera, et cetera; but I still can't write them all as I don't have the right pictures or photographs to be put on those posts. I'm one of those bloggers who really hold onto the belief that a blog post should have at least one picture on it. I'm holding onto that belief religiously.

One of the many things that I've been wanting to share is about my financial struggle this past month. There have been some issues regarding my new job as a teacher, and as a result, I didn't get paid last month. I've been struggling to keep going with only a paycheck from tutoring, which ended last month, meaning I won't get any more paycheck from tutoring this month. My paycheck from teaching in high school won't really pay my bills, actually. It is way lower than the minimum wage and won't make ends meet. I know I wouldn't be able to survive if I only depend on teaching.

A few months ago, my fiance introduced me to an online outsourcing website called oDesk. It is a marketplace where employers and freelancers can meet. I signed up, but hadn't really looked into it until last month. I found a joblisting looking for freelance English to Bahasa translators for a popular website. I have been an amateur English to Bahasa and Bahasa to English translator for a few years now, so I applied for the job. They gave two sample texts for me to translate as a (paid) test. Two days later, they sent me an email saying that I was accepted. Since then, I've translated eleven articles and got paid more than my paycheck as a teacher. Isn't that great?

For as long as I've known the internet, getting money online has always been a dream for every user. I've seen all around the WWW a lot of ads and promotions saying that we can earn money with just a few clicks, but not all of them is true and safe. Here are some tips for getting money online.
1. If it is too good to be true, it probably isn't. Ever seen those links saying "Get $$$ for just signing up!" passed around on Facebook? It's really suspicious, isn't it?
2. There is no such thing as easy money. You need to work to earn money. Signing up and sharing the links asking people to sign up are not counted as working.
3. Always check the credibility of the websites. I personally consider outsourcing websites that have legit Wikipedia pages (like oDesk,, and as trustworthy.
4. Pay attention at how you will receive your payments. For example, oDesk has a range of payment methods, like via Paypal, local bank transfer, Payoneer, etc.
5. Choose the joblistings very carefully. When applying for a job, ask for an upfront payment if necessary. Don't apply for suspicious or illegal jobs.

Many people have successfully earned money through this kind of outsourcing websites. There are hundreds of job listed everyday. It works for me so far, hope it'll work for you too.

Oh, August.

2 Sep 2014

What a month, August! I started working as a real teacher, graduated from uni, and got engaged; all in the span of one month. It was an August to remember. The August where I officially became a grown up woman. Thanks, August. I love you. See you next year ;)

Trivia: Yes. I typed 'August' six times in this post.