Agustusan in Pictures

Our independence day is always such a fun celebration. It is a tradition that we hold many kinds of fun and playful competitions, such as panjat pinang, balap karung, balap makan kerupuk, balap bakiak, lomba gebuk bantal, tarik tambang, etc. This year's Agustusan was quite different for me. I got to attend the independence day ceremony as an invited guest and I got to join the competitions along with other teachers at school. I signed myself up for three competitions: balap bakiak, tarik tambang, and balap makan kerupuk; all three of which I lost. But it wasn't about winning; it was about having fun. And I sure had lots of fun.

I'm usually strict when it comes to posting pictures. I try to keep them less than six in one post, but these pictures are just too good to be kept. So I'm posting ten. Brace yourselves!