An (Exciting!) Announcement

26 Aug 2014

Hi, just stopping by to announce that A and I are engaged!
More details will be shared soon.

Agustusan in Pictures

18 Aug 2014

Our independence day is always such a fun celebration. It is a tradition that we hold many kinds of fun and playful competitions, such as panjat pinang, balap karung, balap makan kerupuk, balap bakiak, lomba gebuk bantal, tarik tambang, etc. This year's Agustusan was quite different for me. I got to attend the independence day ceremony as an invited guest and I got to join the competitions along with other teachers at school. I signed myself up for three competitions: balap bakiak, tarik tambang, and balap makan kerupuk; all three of which I lost. But it wasn't about winning; it was about having fun. And I sure had lots of fun.

I'm usually strict when it comes to posting pictures. I try to keep them less than six in one post, but these pictures are just too good to be kept. So I'm posting ten. Brace yourselves!

A New Teacher

12 Aug 2014

Yesterday was my first day as a high school teacher. I had come to the school on Saturday to clean up my desk, which was still cluttered by the previous teacher's stuffs like old worksheets, books, CDs, test booklets, etc. My teaching schedule is still a mess, too, so I only get to teach five classes in two days, Monday and Tuesday, and for the rest of the week I'm off again.

The last time I taught a class of high schoolers was one year ago, yet somehow I found myself already feeling comfortable talking in front of the class yesterday. I hope it is a sign that the rest of the semester won't be as hard as I thought it would be. There are still more things I need to learn, though. I'm still confused about the new curriculum and I still need to get to know everybody at school. Also, my desk is still a mess and I need to dump three boxes of the previous teacher's file. Now if only I could find an easy way to take all three boxes without asking for help from anybody (I haven't known anyone!).

But I found a meme in the textbook for eleventh graders! So all in all, it's pretty good so far :)

Month One of Unemployment

8 Aug 2014

These past two weeks have been quite stressful for me. Staying at home all weekend may sound so exciting, but that's it: one weekend. Staying at home for days isn't as appealing at all. Sure, binge watching Orange Is The New Black is fun, but after just six episodes done in one day, my butt couldn't take any more sitting. Unemployment sucks, yo.

However, starting a new job also sucks. I'm kinda having a love-hate relationship with my couch now; like, I don't wanna stay at home all day and yet I know I'm gonna miss it very much after I start working (which is this coming Monday, by the way). I know I shouldn't be complaining. I should be happy that I have a job. There are thousands of people out there who can't find even a minimum wage job. Oh Lord, I'm so ungrateful.

Eid Mubarak!

2 Aug 2014

Whoa. Look at that. Two weeks without a single post.

I had planned to write a post before leaving for the holiday and another one to be scheduled to appear on last Tuesday, but I couldn't find any spare time in between all the Eid shopping. And then we suddenly hit the road, with Miss Molly caged between my sister and me. It was Miss Molly's first road trip ever. It took about 15 hours to get to my granny's house in Lampung, and poor Miss Molly was stressed. She could adjust in just one night, though. The next morning she became herself again. She took long nap all the time.

By the way, Eid Mubarak!