Week One of Unemployment

18 Jul 2014

I finally had the guts to resign from a teaching job that had made me tangled up with a low salary. Last Friday was my last day there. The good thing is I finally have time to finish some unfinished uni business like printing my final paper and distributed two copies to my uni's and department's libraries. Now I'm all ready for the graduation day on August. The bad thing is... well, my financial situation has hit rock bottom. I have no pennies left. Thank God I'm still living with my parents so I still have a place to stay and food to eat. Ramadan has come to its last 10 days now and so Eid is just around the corner. I'm starting a new job as an English teacher in a high school next month though, so I still have to face this situation for at least one month. All in all, I can say that this isn't that bad, right?

So. This week. What have I done in this first week of being unemployed? Well, just as I said above, I finish the unfinished uni business and finally got my permit to register for the graduation ceremony. I also had iftar with my girls at Ian's place and got the chance to take tons of picture with her cat, which she calls Donat (or donut). Plus, Vicky and I had two meetings this week. We're almost ready to (re-)open our business!

Being unemployed has given me freedom. I keep telling myself not to be too comfortable, as I will start working full time next month. But as for now, I think I'm going to take my time and focus on the business. Fingers crossed!

Five Pictures!

10 Jul 2014

On account of my last post in which I whined about being a bad blogger because I rarely take pictures now, let alone those that are blog worthy, I attempted to document my life yesterday. I failed miserably. All I got were these five pictures. I'm not sure if they can be considered as blog worthy pictures or not, but here they are anyway.
Tutoring in the morning
Buying grammar books at lunch time
Coming home and greeted by Miss Molly at the door
Watching The Amazing World of Gumball
Teaching English in the afternoon

I know it ain't much, but hey! At least I tried. Hahahaha

First Iftars

6 Jul 2014

I think I'm turning into a bad blogger because I rarely take blog-worthy pictures anymore. I had iftar with Vicky on Friday and with A on Saturday, but the only picture I took was that of McFlurry and Tahu Brintik I had with A. I need to remind myself to take more pictures. More pictures, Dara!

Anyway, as I mentioned above, I finally went out to have iftar together with Vicky on Friday. We are in the process of starting a business together and we decided to have iftar and a meeting in Ngopdoel. We've reached an agreement and everything is almost settled. We will meet again tomorrow to open a joint bank account and sign the MOU. This is so exciting! I'll post about the business as soon as everything is ready for the (re-)launching.

I also went out for iftar with A yesterday. We were a little bit late when we arrived at the restaurant and so we had to wait. We decided to have McFlurry and Tahu Brintik first, hence the picture. I hadn't seen him for days so it was nice to spend the evening with him, even though it was only for a couple of hours.

The first week of Ramadan has passed. Three more weeks until the Eid!

Ramadan This Year

1 Jul 2014

Ramadan this year is so different than previous ones. This year, I'm no longer a student. I haven't landed on a solid job either. I'm in a somewhere-in-between situation where I'm only working part time and getting paid below the minimum wage. I may say that this is the lowest point in my life, economically speaking. Coincidentally (or not?), I haven't got any iftar invitation this Ramadan. Usually, my weekends in Ramadan were fully booked with iftar appointments at least a week before the fasting month even started. This year is a surprising exception.

Yup. Pretty much what I'm suspecting right now. But anyway... Ramadan mubarak to all my brothers and sisters out there! (Especially to all the brothers who are currently playing the World Cup while still fasting. God bless you!)