Goodbye, Luna.

I want to believe that pet heaven does exist. After losing Bill & Lily in November last year, I vowed to myself that I would take better care of Luna and Molly. But today, I had to lose Luna. She had been constantly sick for the past four months but always managed to get healthy after being sick for about a week. Eight days after her birthday, she once again got sick. I took her to a clinic on Sunday morning. The vet told me that she needed to be hospitalised, so she stayed there that night. I visited her on Monday morning. At that time, I thought she was getting better because she could move her legs. I came back in the evening, hoping that she was already strong enough to be taken back home. But it turned out that she still didn't want to eat, so she still needed to stay. I told her then that she would come home the next day (=today). This morning, however, I got called by her nurse, telling me that she was no longer with us. I cried all the way to the clinic. I held her in my arms for an hour before finally letting her go to be prepared for the funeral. We took her and buried her in my aunt's backyard.

I miss her so much, but perhaps it's for the best that she left us. She had been in a lot of pain for months. If pet heaven exists, maybe she is now once again playing hide and seek with her siblings. Just like the old time.