Books I've Read These Past Months

Last year, I failed my 2013 Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I set my goal to read 15 books, planning to read one book per month plus three books to be read at a slower pace. I ended up finishing eight books; only half of what I had planned. Due to that failure, I set fewer books as my goal for this year's reading challenge. I set only 10 books and promised myself that this time, I would try my hardest to complete it. One or two months ago, Goodreads told me that I was two books behind schedule to finish the challenge. But then I sped up and now I'm two books ahead. Yay, me!

For the past few months, I have read If I Lie, Eleanor & Park, Confessions of a Murder Suspect, The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, and just last night, I've finished reading Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. (I'm intending to write a review for each one, so just wait around.) I must say that I owe Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner big time because I love her reviews and recommendations. In fact, I read If I Lie and Amy & Roger's Epic Detour because of her. I have added more books into my to-read list based on her recommendations and now I'm off on my quest to hunt them all.

I also decided to join a book club held by Kristin from My Life as a Tea Cup called NovelTea (see a badge on my sidebar?). Starting July the 1st, we are going to read Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. Psst... I actually cheat and have read the first 20 pages this afternoon because the cover is just too cute that I can't keep my hands off of my tablet and I ended up reading it >_<. I am now confident that I will complete my 2014 Reading Challenge. I can't wait to read all the books!

What books have you read this year?