Thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Supervillains in General

On 30 April evening, I walked out of the cinema thinking "Man, I grew so tired of superheroes fighting supervillains who are actually nice guys with bad luck." Brilliant scientists' experiments gone wrong, some random dudes fall into a tank full of dangerous things, fathers sacrificing themselves for their kids (then turned into monsters), et cetera. So tired. It's like the same thing repeated over and over again.

Well, it's not the writers' fault. The core of every superhero story is actually alike. But I'm sick of watching them over and over again without a new twist. This is how I feel with the newest installment of Spider-Man. I pity Electro. Though he's a little bit weird and creepy, but I feel that it isn't his wish to be a villain, let alone a supervillain. He does like the attention, but he is a nice man on the inside. He's just been mistreated by Oscorp and in the end, ***SPOILER*** he dies (or explodes, to be exact). Your job is to uphold justice, Spidey; where's the justice in that?

Watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has made me realise that I prefer superhero movies where the enemies are aliens trying to take over the Earth. It makes a lot more sense (if I could say so?) and in my opinion, killing bad aliens are justifiable.

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