On Longing to be Anywhere but Here

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you had taken another path? I've been wondering where I would be and what I'd be doing if I had chosen to go to another university in another city rather than going to the one in this city and living with my parents. I've always been so jealous of those kids who get to move out of their parents' house just as soon as they graduate high school and get into college. Even though still living with your parents after graduating high school is socially acceptable here in my country, I still feel like I've skipped one step in the whole growing up process. For more than 22 years, I've been living with the security of being protected by my parents: living in their house, eating their food, spending their money, etc. I have absolutely no idea how to manage my spendings because everytime I run out of money, I can just run to my mum or my dad and they will give me extra cash. That's how it rolls 'round here.

And that's not healthy at all.

Lately I've been thinking about moving out and start my own life independently. With the university life almost over (I will present my final paper later this month!) and graduation day just a few months away, I will have to start looking for a job soon. The only way I can move out is if I get a job in another city, because there is no way my parents are letting me live on my own if it is still in Bandung (the living cost will be much cheaper if I stay, of course). I've been perusing the job openings in some websites but nothing seems to match my qualifications. I never thought that it would be hard to find a job as an English teacher, but apparently teaching is mostly the kind of job you are offered with, not the one that you are applying for.

I'm also looking for some alternatives, though. Using my skills in written and spoken English, I may apply for a job in journalism or publishing. I regret not having other experiences besides teaching. I should've had a back up plan. Now it may be too late for me to apply for internships, no?

God, why am I so bad at this whole growing up thing...